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BMI Werndale Hospital

BMI Werndale Hospital

BMI Werndale Hospital/BMI Ysbyty Werndale

BMI Werndale Hospital in Bancyfelin, Carmarthenshire is part of BMI Healthcare, Britain's leading provider of independent healthcare with a nationwide network of hospitals & clinics performing more complex surgery than any other private healthcare provider in the country. Our commitment is to quality and value, providing facilities for advanced surgical procedures together with friendly, professional care.

Mae BMI Ysbyty Werndale yn rhan o BMI Healthcare, sef darparwr mwyaf blaenllaw Prydain o ofal iechyd annibynnol a chanddynt bron i hanner cant o ysbytai ledled Prydain sy'n cyflawni llawdriniaeth fwy cymhleth nag y gwna unrhyw ddarparwr gofal iechyd preifat arall yn y wlad. Rydym yn ymrwymedig i ansawdd a gwerth gan ddarparu cyfleusterau ar gyfer gweithredoedd llawfeddygol blaengar ynghyd â gofal cyfeillgar, proffesiynol.

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Prices & Appointments: 0808 101 0337
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Outpatients appointments 01267 225644
Imaging 01267 225666
Enquiries 01267 225652
Main switchboard 01267 211500
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SA33 5NT

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