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BMI Thornbury Hospital in top three of hip ops charts

A Sheffield private hospital has been named as one of the three best providers of hip replacements, in a survey just released by the NHS Partners Network (NHSPN).

BMI Thornbury Hospital came in at number three in the top 50, following analysis of the nationally-produced Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMS), which covers all hospitals that carry out elective hip and knee replacement surgery for the NHS.

The report analysed information provided by patients on their quality of life (health gain) after undergoing either hip or knee replacements.

The debilitating pain of osteoarthritis, the main cause of joint pain, affects nearly 8.5million people in the UK. The majority of these are over 50 years of age. The impact hip/knee surgery has on alleviating this pain and improving quality of life can be vast.

A recent survey* of people who had either knee, hip or back surgery to address pain, confirmed that surgery improved quality of life. In Yorkshire, 83 per cent of people surveyed said their quality of life before surgery was poor or extremely poor. In comparison, after surgery, half of those same people indicated their quality of life was good or extremely good.

For the millions of people who live with chronic joint pain, the ability to undertake normal day to day activities can be limited. For 83 per cent of people in Yorkshire, surgery meant ‘they regained their freedom’ and ‘felt more independent’.

David Worskett, Chief Executive of the NHS Partners Network, said: "The NHSPN data clearly shows that independent sector providers deliver some of the highest quality orthopaedic care for NHS patents.

"Hip and knee replacements are two of the most commonly performed orthopaedic procedures and they can significantly improve the quality of life of patients. It is important that this data is available so that patients and their GPs can make informed decisions about where to go for treatment."

At BMI Thornbury Hospital, Executive Director David Mills said he was delighted with the news.

“This is a fantastic result for everyone at the hospital. It is not only a great achievement to be in the top three but we are also the only Yorkshire hospital in the top five!

“The ability to give people back their quality of life is hugely important. For many people, this surgery is a turning point, returning them to normal every day activities.

“It’s hugely satisfying that this information comes straight from our patients – if they are happy with us then we are certainly doing the right things. We have some brilliant orthopaedic consultants at the hospital and this achievement is testament to their skill and the expertise of the wider team at Thornbury.”


*PROMS are a series of questions that patients undergoing certain procedures, including hip and knee replacements, are asked in order to gauge their views on their own health. All providers of NHS care collect this data which is co-ordinated by the Department of Health. The Health and Social Care Information Centre is responsible for scoring and publishing the data. 

*The research for BMI Healthcare was carried out by Opinion Matters between: 08/03/2013 and 14/03/2013. Sample: 104 Adults who have had knee, hip or back surgery.


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