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SpineCare - Back Pain Treatment

SpineCare has been developed to offer a fast, accurate diagnosis for back pain treatment

Millions of people in the UK suffer from back or neck pain. Yours may be a dull, annoying ache, something that you have been suffering from for months or even years. It may be more severe and disabling. Perhaps it is more recent - the result of an accident or injury. SpineCare back pain treatment from BMI Healthcare has been developed to offer you fast, accurate diagnosis and relief from back pain, neck pain and sciatica.

It is recognised that early back pain treatment is the most practical, successful and cost-effective solution to back pain. Don’t wait any longer. The quicker you are accurately diagnosed, the more effective and successful your treatment can be*.

*Source: Government’s Combined Speciality Advisory Group (CSAG)

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Back pain assessment

Many people suffer from back pain. It is just as common in men as it is in women and can affect young and old alike. There are different ways to treat back pain and the first step is to identify whether the pain is simple, acute back pain or chronic back pain. In nearly all cases, back pain can be successfully treated without the need for surgery.

How the back works

The spinal cord is the central nervous system of the body, sending messages to the brain. The spine, made up of circular shaped bones called vertebrae, protects the spinal cord.

The nerve roots of the spinal cord come out between each vertebra and a rubbery ‘disc’ in between each vertebra cushions the bones. The discs allow the spine to flex and ligaments connecting the vertebrae give the spine strength and movement. Muscles are attached to the spine and support the back.

Your fast track to accurate back pain treatment diagnosis

SpineCare offers a fast track route through a range of high-level assessments to deliver an accurate diagnosis. This route includes an examination and assessment by a physiotherapist or specialist nurse, an MRI scan*, and a consultation with a consultant spinal surgeon or neurosurgeon. Your consultant will review your assessment and MRI scan, undertake their own assessment and explain your back pain treatment diagnosis to you.

What happens next?

Most back pain can be relieved without the need for invasive back pain treatment or surgery. Your consultant will discuss the treatment options available to you during your consultation, and will give you advice on the next steps and how to manage your condition.

If you do need further treatment, there is a full multi-disciplinary team available to you within BMI hospitals, including access to some of the foremost spinal specialists in the country and leading edge technology†.

Your consultant will plan your treatment with you and you can book your next appointment straight away.

SpineCare aims to quickly diagnose the cause of your back pain, and start you on the road to recovery.

*Unless there is a specific reason why you should not have an MRI.
†At additional cost.

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