The bowel cancer treatment pathway

Bowel cancer podcast: episode 5

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Listen to the group discuss different bowel cancer treatments available, real life patient experiences and advice on getting through the difficult days. They also stress the importance of healthcare specialists and patient support during treatment.

Lauren Swankie, National Cancer Campaign Manager


As much as I didn’t feel very well, on the days that I didn’t do anything, they were the days that I felt much worse.  Also, I carried on working through my chemotherapy.  I only did four hours a day but had massive support from work colleagues.

Vivianne PowVivianne Pow

I did a marathon 16 weeks after, so I did keep my training up as best I could when I was having chemotherapy. I think, in my head, by keeping moving, it was moving the poison, the magic poison as I called it, around my body which meant my body was getting rid of it better.

Vivianne PowVivianne Pow

Getting plenty of oxygen to your organs, your brain and liver, this is also something we check when a patient comes for their treatment.

Stephanie LeleuStephanie Leleu

Treatment is not easy and it can be gruelling. The role of beating bowel cancer’s online forum is fantastic in terms of patients sharing their experience of treatment. And the tips and tricks that help them deal with some of the challenges of that treatment. The impact of that peer support is fantastic.

Judith BrodieJudith Brodie

At BMI Chiltern Hospital we have something called ‘upfront’, a monthly meet up. We bring cakes and drinks and just have a chat and get advice from each other. It works really well and I think it helps people mentally as well.

Stephanie LeleuStephanie Leleu