Mr Alhad Dhebri

Personal profile

Mr Alhad Dhebri has trained at various hospitals in UK and has worked as a fellow at the University Hospital of South Manchester breast unit. Mr Dhebri is the audit lead of the Department of Surgery at Tameside General Hospital, where he is also a Consultant General and Breast Surgeon. Mr Dhebri is involved with teaching, training and assessing junior, and he is also an appraiser in the Trust.

Mr Dhebri is focused on providing a high quality service, with patient satisfaction at the heart of it. He goes to great lengths to meet his patients expectations. ​

Professional Memberships

  • Medical Defence Union
  • Association of Breast Surgery
  • BMA

Clinical Interests

Mr Dhebri provides outpatient triple assessment of breast patients and general surgery patients.


  • Excision of Lumps
  • Hernia repair (open or laparoscopic): Inguinal, femoral, incisional, ventral, umbilical
  • Laparoscopic gallbladder surgery
  • Emergency: appendicectomy (open or laparoscopic)
  • I&D of abscesses
  • Open/laparoscopic surgery for abdominal wall hernia repair of all types


  • Management of breast diseases (benign and malignant), including breast conserving techniques in breast cancer treatment
  • Excision of benign lumps
  • Duct excision 
  • Cancer surgery
  • Gynaecomastia excision

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