Dr Henry Nouriel

Consultant Cardiologist


Clinical Interests

  • Non-invasive cardiac testing i.e. Echos, stress echocardiography, radionuclide perfusion scanning, cardiac pacing, CT coronary angiography, ICD and bi ventricular pacing

Professional Membership

  • British Cardiac Society


Personal profile

Dr Nouriel is a senior cardiologist.  He undertook his higher medical training both in Israel and in London and currently practice at Barnet and Edgware Hospitals.

Dr Nouriel provides outpatient consultation as well as all aspects of non- invasive cardiac testing including ECG, ECG monitoring, 24 hour blood pressure monitoring, internal loop monitoring (Reveal Device Insertion) and CT- coronary angiography.

Dr Nouriel has had his private practice based at the BMI Hendon Hospital for 20 years providing patients with the following services:

  • Outpatient cardiology consultations

  • Non-invasive cardiac testing including performing

  • Inpatient cardiac care

Year qualified: