Mr Koon Hung Chan

Personal profile

Mr Koon Hung Chan (known as ‘K.C.’ to his friends) studied Medicine at The (Royal) London Hospital Medical College, Whitechapel, London.

After obtaining his qualification,he undertook all his general surgical training around the East End of London and Essex before being appointed on the West Yorkshire Urology Specialist Registrar rotation. After his final ‘junior’ appointment at The York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust he was immediately appointed as a Consultant here as well in April 2005.

Mr Chan has been trained to provide not only a comprehensive service in general urology (both benign and cancerous diseases of the bladder, prostate and external genitalia, male family planning (bilateral vasectomy and reversal of vasectomy) as well as paediatric urology) but also an up to date sub-specialty in Endourology dealing mainly with renal tract stones.

His surgical practice has been quite innovative to North Yorkshire and he has introduced many new procedures and techniques like flexible nephroureteroscopy since practicing in the region. With regard to renal stones he also uses The Holmium laser system which works by obliterating the kidney stones, breaking them into very small pieces so that they can then be passed naturally. The most important thing is that this does not involve any conventional ‘scalpel’ or ‘open’ surgery. This means that once the patient’s stone has been completely treated telescopically, the patient will recover much more quickly and return to normal daily routine earlier.  

Professional Membership

  • The British Association of Urological Surgeons

  • The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

  • Medical and Dental Defence Union of Scotland

Clinical Interests

  • General core urology

  • Benign and cancerous urological investigations and their management

  • Management Endourology especially renal stone disease

  • Minimal invasive surgery

  • Paediatric urology

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