Mr Manoj Sen

Personal profile

After qualifying in India in 1983, Mr Sen has trained in General, Laparoscopic and Colorectal Surgery in the United Kingdom from 1985 – 1997. His surgical training has largely centred around St Thomas' and Charing Cross Hospitals.

He has had extensive experience in both undergraduate as well as postgraduate teaching, held the post of Senior Lecturer in General and Colorectal Surgery at The Queen Elizabeth Medical Centre in Birmingham (2004 – 2006) and is currently an Honorary Senior lecturer in Surgery at the Imperial College of Medicine, London. His NHS base is at Northwick Park and St Mark’s Hospital in NW London. 

From 2006 - 2013 he spent some valuable years in Germany, specifically in the Heidelberg group of teaching hospitals where he further qualified as a Visceral surgeon.

During this time he also qualified as a Fellow of the European Specialty Board in Coloproctology – the only formal Europe-wide qualification in Coloproctolgy.

He is the author of several publications in peer-reviewed journals and textbooks and  is a frequent reviewer himself of articles submitted for publication in journals such as Colorectal Disease and the British Journal of Hospital Medicine.

Professional Memberships

  • Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons of England since 1987
  • Fellow of the European Society of Coloproctology since 2011
  • Medical Defence Union since 1985
  • The German Visceral Surgery Society

Clinical Interests

Mr Sen is a general and colorectal surgeon with a wide portfolio of both open and laparoscopic procedures and that includes both diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy. Being colorectally trained, he has a longstanding interest in proctology, including the management of common proctological conditions such as haemorrhoids, anal fissures and anal fistula. He also has an interest in abdominal wall hernias, including incisional hernias.

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