Prof Mark Tagoe

Professional Membership

  • Soft tissue disorders 

  • Diabetes, including diabetes mellitus 

  • Hallux valgus ('bunion') 

  • Ankle pain

  • Foot pain

  • Deformity correction

  • Sports injuries


Personal profile

Professor Mark Tagoe, at West Middlesex University Hospital, leads one of the most progressive NHS Departments of specialist foot surgery in the country. He has achieved International recognition for his expertise in podiatric surgery as a lecturer.

His past appointment as an external Clinical Faculty Instructor to Kern Hospital, Michigan, USA for eight years, gave him the opportunity to extract the best from both the British and American approaches to Podiatric Surgery for the benefit of his patients In recognition of his commitment and contribution to education.

Mark Tagoe was appointed an Honorary Visiting Professor to the University of Ulster in 2000. As a previous Dean of the Surgical Faculty, Professor Tagoe retains a pivotal political role as Vice Chairman of the Specialist Advisory Board (Podiatric Surgery) Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh, as well as an External advisor to the Health Service Ombudsman.

Year qualified: