Dr Mohammad Amir Rather

Consultant Neuropsychiatrist

MBChB, MRCPsych, MSc (Cl Neuropsych)

Professional Memberships

  • Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrist
  • Approved Clinician under the MHA
  • Member of British Neuropsychiatric Association
  • British Sleep Society
  • Member of European Sleep Research Society (ESRS)

Clinical Interests

  • Functional Neurological Disorders including Non-Epileptic Attack Disorder or Dissociative seizures
  • Sleep Disorders (Insomnia, hypersomnia disorders and parasomnia)
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Personal profile

Dr Rather is a consultant neuropsychiatrist at the Barberry, National Centre for Mental Health, Birmingham. He also the lead consultant for the video telemetry, electroencephalography (‘Brain wave’ tests) and polysomnography (sleep studies) services at the centre. In addition, he is the honorary lecturer in clinical neuropsychiatry at the University of Birmingham.

He qualified as a medical doctor with first class in 2003. He then undertook his core training and higher specialist training in psychiatry from the West Midlands Deanery. He gained the membership of the Royal College of Psychiatrist in 2011. Thereafter, he completed his Master’s degree in clinical neuropsychiatry from the University Birmingham. His research was in the field of Non-Epileptic Attacks and Functional Movement Disorder, earning him a distinction. He was appointed consultant neuropsychiatrist in 2014.

Dr Rather has a wide expertise in full range of mental health conditions such as mood, anxiety and psychotic disorders, functional neurological disorders, and neuropsychiatry of epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease and complex somatoform disorders and medically unexplained symptoms. He also runs a regional sleep disorders clinic at the Barberry centre.

He offers a holistic assessment for diagnosis and treatment of neuropsychiatric conditions. The therapeutic assessment involves face to face consultation for about 90 minutes. His patient centred approach is aimed at recovery and long term well-being.

Besides, he is also the member of the British Neuropsychiatric Association (BNPA) and the British Sleep Society (BSS). In his spare time, he is an ardent cricket fan and enthusiastically follows the sport. He also likes gardening and reading. He is fluent in Urdu and Hindi languages.

Also works at Circle Rehabilitation Birmingham. 

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