Mr Mohammad Habib

Personal profile

I had the opportunity to train in pioneering units of laparoscopic and open HPB surgery, such as Basingstoke, Southampton and Brisbane.

I provide a referral service for the management of benign and malignant lesions of the liver, pancreas, bile duct and gallbladder, and also a referral service for laparoscopic management of complex gallstone disease and the management of complications of gallstone surgery.

I also provide a diagnostic service for Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy. My further interest is surgery for cancers involving multiple abdominal viscera, or the lining of abdominal wall such as colorectal or ovarian cancer.

I train medical students, Physician Assistants and all grades of junior and middle grade Doctors.

Professional Memberships

  • RCSEd
  • MDU
  • BMA

Clinical Interests

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy:

Management of Simple Gallbladder disease:

  • Symptomatic Gallstones
  • Gallbladder polyps
  • Biliary type pain with no gallstones

Complicated Gallstone Disease

  • Acute Cholecystitis
  • Empyema Gallbladder
  • Mucocoele of Gallbladder
  • Gallstone Pancreatitis,
  • Common Bile Duct Stone

 Complex Gallstone disease

  • Stones in the Cystic Duct
  • Mirizzi Syndrome
  • Scarred Contracted Gallbladder
  • Previous Subtotal Cholecystectomy
  • Previous Unsuccessful Cholecystectomy
  • Duplication of Gallbladde
  • Patients with Unusual Anatomy around Gallbladder area
  • Patients with Mulitple previous abdominal operations
  • Complications of Cholecystectomy
  • Post Cholecystectomy Pain
  • Lap Chole for the Super Obese, Elderly and patients with multiple comorbidities who despite conservative measures find the symptoms difficult to live with.

Open and Laparsocopic treatment of abdominal wall hernias.

Laparscopic and Open Liver and Pancreatic Surgery.

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