Dr Mohammed A Hariri

Consultant in Audiological Medicine


Year qualified:1978


Personal profile

Mr Mohammed Haririr, after qualification, enrolled in a training programe  in ear, nose and throat surgery. In 1990 he enroled in the specialist training  programe in the subspeciality of Audiological Medicine in Manchester. He optained his MSc in Audiological Medicine in 1991. I  completed my specialist training and was appointed as Consultant in Audiological Medicine in Charing Cross Hospital in 1993.

In Audiological Medicine he deals with adults and children. He deals with adult patients who have hearing difficulties, tinnitus (noises in the ears or head), vertigo or dizziness, balance problems, ear complaint such as earache or discharge.

He treats children who have hearing difficulties at home or in school, children who do not pass birth or school hearing screen, and children with speech and language delay. Mr Mohammed Hariri has special skills assessing hearing of children with complex medical or developmental conditions. He has special interest in glue ear and Down syndrom cases.

He has trained to provide medico-legal reports to the courts for hearing loss, tinnitus and dizziness in cases of medical negligence, accidents and noise exposure.

He holds an honorary senior clinical lecturer post with Imperial College Medical School. Mr Hariri participates in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate doctors. He is Team Leader for Neonatal Hearing Screen Programme.

Special interests and skills:

  • Hearing loss, tinnitus and dizziness in adults
  • Assessment and management of hearing loss and ear complaints in children
  • Assessment of hearing in difficult to test children with complex problems

Clinical Interests

  • Medical audiology: Hearing loss, tinnitus, dizziness and associated ear problems
  • Paediatric audiology: Neonatal hearing screen, glue ear, ear infections, concerns about hearing loss or speech and language development

Professional Memberships

  • British Medical Association
  • National Deaf Children Society

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