Mr Nicholas Frederick Wakerley Redwood

Professional Membership

  • Surgical Research Society

  • Vascular Surgical Society

Clinical Interests

  • Aneurysms - addominal, upper and lower limb

  • Aortic, iliac, femoral, popliteal, vasceral and brachial

  • Aortic occlusion, narrowing

  • Audible bruits

  • Peripheral vascular disease - upper and lower limb

  • Claudifiction, rest pain, necrotic toes, blue toes, tissue loss, disorders of finger circulation

  • Diabetic feet - vascular requiring debridement

  • Excessive sweating-hands, axilla, feet

  • Thoracic outlet

  • Raynaud's temporal artery biopsy

  • Leg ulcers, lymphoedema, chronic wounds on limbs and elsewhere

  • Venous - varicose veins - secondary, recurrent and primary

  • Varicose ulcers

  • Eczema, liposclerosis, atrophy blanche

  • Lymphoedema, phlebitis, venous haemorrhage

  • Swollen legs, phlebetic legs

  • Lumps and bumps, sebaceous, lipomas

  • Odd lumps, odd pains

  • Abdominal hernias

  • Inguinal, femoral, spighelian, primary, recurrent, incisionaland lumbar.

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