Mrs Nona Ozerianskaya


BSc (Hons) in Nutrition and Dietetics with State Registration

Year qualified:1997


Personal profile

Health Matters Consultant Contributor

Before qualifying as a dietitian,  Nona worked as a medical physician in the Former Soviet Union.  She then retrained and qualified in 1997 from the University of North London with a BSc Hons in Nutrition and Dietetics.  Following her training at the Royal Free Hospital and Hillingdon Hospital, she then gained extensive experience at Northwick Park Hospital where she has been a dietitian since 1999.

She has strong working relationship with gastroenterologists, gynaecologists, cardiologists, endocrinologists, care of the elderly and ITU consultants through her work at both the Clementine Churchill and The Garden Hospitals since 2002.  

Since 2006, she has worked closely with bariatric surgeons, nurses and Harrow health GPs.  Nona is actively involved in interest groups such as nutrition support, obesity, coronary heart disease diabetes, gastrointestinal and ITU.  She has produced a number of dietetic resources for The Northwick Park Hospital on subjects  such as cardio-protective diet, weight reducing, post bariatric( Gastric band, Sleeve gastrectomy, RYGB), low fibre,  low potassium diet, clean diet and for vegetarian patients.  

Nona maintains and continues to update her knowledge and expertise in dietetics through regular workshops, study days and courses to ensure that her services are always of high standards.  She completed a low FODMAP training at Kings College 2012.  

Clinical Interests

  • Cardiology (lipid lowering diet)

  • Diabetes 

  • Weight management, bariatric surgery and polycystic ovarian syndrome

  • Stroke 

  • Nutrition support (including oral, Enteral and Parental) 

  • Oncology 

  • Renal and Liver disease 

  • Gastroenterology disorders:   irritable bowel syndrome including dietary treatment using the low FODMAP diet, coeliac disease (non-coeliac gluten sensitivity), inflammatory bowel disease , Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis

  • Pre and post colorectal and small bowel surgery  (ileostomy, colostomy and pouchitis) 

  • Food intolerances and allergy 

  • Anaemia and vitamin deficiencies 

  • Eating disorders


Professional Membership

  • Health Professions Council (HPC) 

  • British Dietetic  Association (BDA) 

  • Freelance Dietitian of the BDA 

  • Gastrointestinal  Interest Group 

  • Food Allergy

  • British Obese Surgery Patient Association UK (BOSPA) 

  • FODMAP Interest Group


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