Dr Olga Runcie

Consultant Psychiatrist


Year qualified:1995


Personal profile

Health Matters Consultant Contributor

Dr Olga Runcie is a Consultant Psychiatrist in General Adult Mental Health. She graduated from Izhevsk State Medical academy in 1995 and undertook Specialist Training in Psychiatry in Russia and then in Aberdeen (2003 -2006). Dr Runcie published two text books on psychopathology in Russian. 

Dr Runcie took a post as Consultant Psychiatrist for NHS Grampian in 2006 in Royal Cornhill Hospital and also was appointed Honorary Lecturer for Aberdeen University. She took an active role in both undergraduate and postgraduate medical training and lectured widely on different aspects of mental health and on sleep medicine. Dr Runcie has a keen interest in Sleep Medicine with a particular focus on interaction between sleep disorders and mental health.  

She attended a number of courses in both the UK and the US on topics of sleep disorders and is currently advancing her interests in this fascinating area with a post graduate diploma course on Sleep Medicine with Oxford University. Since August 2015 Dr Runcie works as a Community Consultant Psychiatrist in NHS Tayside.

Professional Memberships

  • Affiliate of the Royal College of Psychiatrists 
  • Member of British Sleep Society 
  • BMA member

Clinical Interests

  • Sleep disorders
  • Treatment of insomnia and circadian sleep disorders 
  • Non-pharmacological management of insomnia, CBT for insomnia   
  • Shift work disorders
  • Light therapy and chronotherapy
  • Depression – mild to moderate
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Seasonal affective disorders

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