Personal profile

Mr Piero Nastro is a Laparoscopic, Colorectal and General Consultant Surgeon at Darent Valley NHS Hospital and Queen Mary Hospital.
He completed his higher surgical training in General and Colorectal Surgery in London/South East England and a post-training Fellowship in Colorectal Surgery at St Mark’s Hospital in London.

In over 20 years of post-graduate training, he gained a broad experience in most fields of General Surgery and developed his special interest in Laparoscopic, Colorectal Surgery and complex abdominal wall hernias.
He is an accredited endoscopist and continues to pursue his interest in innovative techniques in colorectal, minimally invasive surgery, complex hernia surgery and proctology. 

Clinical Interests

Colorectal Surgery: Colorectal cancer surgery; IBD Surgery; Ileostomy/Colostomy surgery; Proctology

Minimally invasive surgery: Laparoscopic colorectal resection; Gallbladder surgery; Laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair (TEP); Diagnostic laparoscopy

General Surgery: Ventral hernia repair; Inguinal hernia repair; Excision of lumps and bumps

Abdominal wall surgery: Complex incisional hernia and Abdominal wall reconstruction

Endoscopy: OGD, Flexible Sigmoidoscopy and Colonoscopy

Proctology: Haemorrhoidal Surgery (Banding, conventional haemorrhoidectomy, stapled haemorrhoidopexy; LHP, THD, Rafaelo procedure); Fistula in Ano Surgery (Lay-open; Laser Ablation/FILAC; LIFT procedure; Advancement flap); Pilonidal disease surgery; 




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