Mr Piotr Krysiak

Consultant Thoracic Surgeon


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Mr Krysiak specialises in the following conditions...

Lung disease:

  • Lung Cancer: diagnosis and surgery for primary lung cancer and secondary (metastatic) malignancies
  • Diagnosis and surgery for benign lung disease (pneumothorax surgery (collapsed lung) lung fibrosis, emphysema, infective lung disease (lung abscess, emphyzema)

Pleural disease

  • Diagnosis of primary pleural malignancy (mesothelioma) and secondary pleural malignancy (metastatic pleural disease)
  • Management of malignant pleural disease (pleurodesis, long term pleural drainage)
  • management of benign pleural disease (pneumothorax, pleural effusions, pleural space infections

Mediastinal disease

  • Diagnosis of mediastinal lymphadenopathy in lung cancer, lymphoma, sarcoidosis, tuberculosis
  • Surgery for mediastinal conditions (malignant and benign tumours of mediastinum and thymus, myasthenia

Management of benign and malignant airway obstruction:

  • Bronchial and tracheal stunting
  • Argon Plasma Coagulation for malignant tumour, benign granuloma, tumour debulking
  • Bronchial and tracheal dilatation
  • Micro-Debrider procedures of airway

Conditions of Diaphragm:

  • Surgery for congenital diaphragmatic defects, surgery for “paralysed diaphragm”

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