Mr Richard Hancock

Ophthalmic Imaging Specialist


Personal profile

Mr Hancock has been involved in ophthalmic imaging throughout his working career. During his training at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, he gained fundamental key skills in ophthalmic imaging, this was enhanced by additional training in general medical photography at Christie Hospital, Manchester. Utilising this broader knowledge and experience, he was asked to establish and manage a new Medical and Ophthalmic Photography department at Aintree University Hospitals, Liverpool in 1990. The photography department has significantly developed into a highly respected and renowned unit overseeing 15,000 patents per annum. The department boasts state of the art imaging equipment and has been at the forefront in providing innovative patient pathways for the monitoring and surveillance of patients with medical retina diseases (he was the first Ophthalmic Photographer in the UK to run his own macular degeneration surveillance clinics).

Mr Hancock left Aintree and started a new post in Nov 2015, as Manager of Ophthalmic Imaging for Emis Care – a provider of healthcare for the NHS and Private sector, specialising in providing imaging and diagnostics for medical retina conditions and glaucoma. He managed an NHS department for 25 years and now manages Ophthalmic Imaging Services for his current employer.

Since taking his first eye photographs over 30 years ago, he has been extremely passionate about ophthalmic imaging and have been involved in the profession’s learned society, the Ophthalmic Imaging Association. Mr Hancock has presented at numerous national and international meetings on a variety of subjects and has also been published in peer review journals. He has won several imaging awards and was a finalist in the Department of Health Innovation awards 2012. More recently, one of his images was selected as part of the Royal Photographic Society (medical section) Scientific Exhibition 2015/16.


Clinical Interests

  • Using state of the art Heidelberg Engineering ophthalmic imaging equipment, Richard can offer the following diagnostic tests:
  • Fluorescein Angiography
  • Green Angiography
  • Auto Fluorescence
  • Multicolour Imaging
  • OCT
  • OCT Glaucoma monitoring 
  • Colour fundus photography


Professional Memberships

  • Honorary Fellow Ophthalmic Imaging Association
  • Accredited Senior Imaging Scientist
  • Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society (Medical Section)


Year qualified: