Dr S S Surenthiran

Consultant Neuro-Otologist


Professional Membership

  • MPS

  • BMA

  • BAAP

  • EWI

  • Academy of Experts

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Personal profile

Dr Surenthiran qualified at King’s College Hospital, London and did most of his postgraduate training in London and in Manchester, where he was also a Lecturer at the University of Manchester. He then moved to Kent where he set up the Balance Centre at Medway Maritime Hospital which is widely recognised as a Centre of Excellence in the management of balance problems.

With regard to balance disorders, a recent study of 50 patients he has seen has shown that, on average, they have been unwell for 44 months before they see him and in that time they had typically seen at least 2 other hospital specialists (about 5 times) and their GP an average of 8 times. In sharp contrast though, these same patients are, on average, 70% better 9 months after their first visit to him. It is therefore not suprising that Dr Surenthiran is very much in demand and is referred patients from across the UK as well as from abroad - in the past six months he has seen patients from Australia, South Africa, Italy and the United States.

Dr Surenthiran also diagnoses, quantifies and is able to recommend the most appropriate treatment / management for hearing loss. He is also asked to see patients with intrusive tinnitus and has found that, in his hands, a combination of hypnotherapy, cognitive behaviour therapy and other psychotherapeutic techniques has helped most of these patients significantly.

He is a highly qualified medical hypnotherapist who has trained with some of the best hypnoterapists practising in the world today and uses hypnotherapy across a wide range of conditions.

Dr Surenthiran lectures regularly at national and international conferences and courses. He organises and runs the Vestibular Rehabilitation Course (Basic and Advanced Parts) which is one of only probably two or three such courses of its kind world-wide. His research interests include balance disorders and tinnitus.

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