Dr Sandip Ghosh

Consultant Endocrinologist

MBBS, MD, FRCP(Edinburgh)

Professional Membership

  • Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh

  • Diabetes UK

  • Society for Endocrinology


Personal profile

After completion of Specialist Training in Diabetes, Endocrinology and General (Internal) Medicine from North Western Deanery (Manchester), I joined the UHB Trust as a Consultant Physician in May 2006.

My areas of interest are:

Diabetes and Endocrinology: I specialise in the management of all aspects of diabetes.

  • New therapies and technology

  • Complications of diabetes: kidney, feet and eye complications


  • Obesity

  • Patients with sex hormone abnormality with diabetes

  • Diabetes, thyroid disease, adrenal disease

  • Pre and postoperative diabetes

  • Post transplant diabetes

  • Diabetes in hospitalised patients: I lead the inpatient Diabetes services in the UHB NHSFT. Diabetes in hospitalised patients may be difficult to manage and this is an area of my interest. I am developing guidelines for the safe management of hospitalised patients in our Trust. I am a steering group member of the ‘Think Glucose’ initiative (an initiative to improve blood glucose management in the hospitalised patients) of the West Midlands NHS Strategic Health Authority. 

General (Internal) Medicine: I see a wide variety of medical patients with both endocrine and non- endocrine conditions. Common patients seen in medical assessment unit are patients with falls and dizziness, shortness of breath, confusion, weight loss, kidney disorder, chest pain and palpitation, neurological disorders and fever due to different causes.

Year qualified: