Dr Sanjay Raj

Consultant Oncologist


Professional Memberships

  • Royal College of Physicians
  • Royal College of Radiologists
  • American Society of Clinical Oncology
  • British Medical Association

Clinical Interests

  • Breast oncology
  • Systemic treatments with chemotherapy, hormones and antibody treatment
  • Radiotherapy - IMRT and IGRT
  • Treating early stage breast cancer
  • Advanced breast cancer
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiotherapy
  • Endocrine
  • Biological agents
  • Intensity modulated radiotherapy (a very precise form of radiotherapy)
  • Image guided radiotherapy
  • Intraoperative radiotherapy (radiotherapy given during surgery)


Personal profile

Dr Raj is a consultant clinical oncologist  with experience in treating early stage and advanced breast cancer using chemotherapy, radiotherapy and endocrine and biological agents. He is also involved in the development of new treatments like intensity modulated radiotherapy (a very precise form of radiotherapy), image guided radiotherapy and intraoperative radiotherapy (radiotherapy given during surgery)

Dr Raj is interested in the use of genomics (the study of genes and their functions) and predictive testing in early stage breast cancer. He is a postgraduate college tutor for the Royal College of Radiology.


Principal investigator in over 15 breast trials with National Cancer Research Institute.

Key achievements

  • Introducing intensity modulated and image guided radiotherapy at UHS in the IMPORT HIGH clinical trial
  • Delivered intraoperative radiotherapy as part of the TARGIT trial in Winchester
  • Set up mortality and morbidity meetings for oncology since 2009

Awards and prizes

  • Merit in MBBS pharmacology

Year qualified: