Dr Simon John Winterton

Personal profile

Cardiac Registrar at Hillingdon Hospital, St Mary's Hospital and The London Chest Hospital. Lecturer in Cardiology at The National Heart and Chest Hospitals, The London Chest.

I spent three years researching the electrophysiological effects of heart failure, funded by the British Heart Foundation. Appointed as the first Consultant Cardiologist in Dorchester in 1993. Built a new Cardiology Department from nothing so that it now provides a full invasiveand non-invasive service.

I was clinical lead of the Dorset County Cardiac Centre for 17 years before taking up the role as Dorset Cardiac Network Clinical Lead and then British Cardiovascular Society clinical Network Advisor.

I am part of a three man team that provides Primary Angioplasty for the treatment of heart attacks, I am a full time acute Cardiologist with major interests in percutaneous coronary intervention, pacemaker treatment, complex device therapy and ICD treatment.

Professional Membership

  • British Cardiovascular Society

  • British Cardiac Intervention Society

  • European Society for Cardiology

  • European Association for Cardiac Intervention

  • British Medical Association

  • Royal College Physicians (UK)

  • International Society for Heart Research

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