Mr Vikram Desai

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon


Professional Membership

  • BOA
  • BASK

Clinical Interests

  • Arthroscopic knee work
  • ACL reconstructions
  • Microfracturing of osteochondral defects
  • Some hip arthroplasty work including hip resurfacing.

Personal profile

Mr Desai trained on the Nottingham Trent Training Programme and went on to undertake a Knee Fellowship in Bristol for superspecialisation in knee surgery including arthroplasty work.  He is one of the few surgeons who specialises in unicompartmental replacements and patello-femoral replacements. 

He undertakes a lot of work on anterior knee pain syndrome and symptoms of patella instability, procedures such as trochleoplasty and MPFL reconstruction for knee instability.  He also undertakes arthroscopic knee work, ACL reconstructions, microfracturing of osteochondral defects, some hip arthroplasty work including hip resurfacing.  Whilst seeing a broad spectrum of orthopaedic conditions, the above are his specialisation interests.

Mr Desai is actively involved in training/teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate students, examiner for final year medical students, is a national ATLS instructor and Clinical Tutor – University of Nottingham.  Actively involved in audit and research programmes, regularly publishes papers in PR review journals, invited to take part in a multi-regional study for Oxford unicompartmental replacements and is one of the lead clinicians in outcome studies of MRK knee replacements.

Mr Vikram Desai specialises in:

  • Arthroscopic knee work
  • Knee arthroplasty including total knees, unicompartmental knees, patello-femoral replacements, revision knee replacement
  • Anterior knee pain and patella instability
  • Hip arthroplasty and hip resurfacing

Year qualified: