Dr William Arthur McCrea

Consultant Cardiologist & Physician


Clinical Interests

Syncope. Ischaemic heart disease.


Personal profile

Dr William Mccrea has been a Consultant Cardiologist and Consultant Physician since 1994 and has a particular interest in the diagnosis and treatment of fainting, blackouts and dizzy spells.

Dr Mccrea completed his medical undergraduate training in Dublin, Ireland and medical postgraduate training (Cardiology) in Liverpool and King's College Hospital, London. He was also a medical officer in HM Forces (Major, RAMC) for 5 years.

Dr Mccrea has expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of viral and bacterial infections of the heart, palpitations (cardiac arrhythmias), cardiac muscle diseases (cardiomyopathy) and the management of diagnosis and pharmacological treatment of heart attacks and angina.

He also has interest in the diagnosis of endocrine causes of disease of the cardiovascular system, particularly those as a consequence of thyroid and adrenal gland disorders.

He performs radial(arm) and femoral(leg) coronary angiography, right heart (including lungs) cardiac catheterisation, permanent pacemaker implants, removal of pacing systems including pacemaker generator changes, cardiac loop recorder implants, transthoracic and transoesophageal echocardiography and orthostatic tilt table tests.

Year qualified: