Hospital appointment(s) and general enquiries

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to find the information you need, so we've gathered a list of frequently asked questions about our hospitals and services.

How do I change or cancel my appointment?

You will need to call the hospital you booked your appointment with. To do this, you can find the phone number to your hospital on your appointment letter. If you have misplaced your appointment letter, please visit your local hospital’s page where you can find the hospital's reception phone number.

Does the hospital offer free car parking?

Our hospitals have free car parking onsite for insured patients and patients paying for themselves. Please visit your local hospital’s page for more information. 

Is there Wi-Fi in the hospital?

Yes, our hospitals have free Wi-Fi access for our patients and visitors. 

What are the visiting times?

Visiting times vary from hospital to hospital. Please call your local hospital for further information.

Am I allowed to bring flowers if I visit someone in hospital?

Unfortunately, due to infection prevention and control measures we cannot allow flowers in patient rooms.

Do you have a pharmacy on site?

Yes, most of our hospitals have a pharmacy but please check your  beforehand.

Does the hospital have a restaurant?

Yes, our hospitals have an on-site restaurant and a catering team that can prepare healthy meals based on your dietary requirements.

What do I need if I am staying overnight?

Please see our ‘Staying overnight’ page for everything you need to know about your stay such as what to pack in your hospital bag, what our rooms are like, meals and refreshments, and more.  

What do I have to do if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

If you have an upcoming appointment but need to reschedule or cancel, please call the hospital directly and they will be able to arrange a new date and time. Search our hospitals.

Where can I check my appointment time?

Once your appointment is booked, you can request to receive a confirmation email or letter with all the necessary information. To find the confirmation email, please search your email inbox for any message from [email protected]

You will also receive a text reminder 48 hours prior to your appointment with all the details you need. Please note that this will not be sent if the appointment is booked within 48 hours of the appointment date.

I had an imaging investigation recently, how can I follow-up about my results?

To find out your test results please phone the hospital where you had your tests. They will transfer you to the relevant department, who will be able to advise .

I want to speak to a patient admitted in hospital, or get an update about his/her condition. How can I reach them?

Please call the hospital where the patient is admitted, press zero for switchboard and they will transfer your call to the patient’s room, or put you in touch with a nurse or a ward.

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