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We want to understand the true impact of arthritis on daily life. Take our survey and help us raise awareness of this common condition.Read more

It’s estimated that 250,000 people in the UK suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) or myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME). Could you be one of them?Read more

Insomnia is a common sleep disorder that can have a serious effect on your quality of life. We consider common causes as well as available treatments.Read more

We take a look at two common back problems, sciatica and brachialgia, exploring causes, symptoms and available treatments.Read more

Do you need to get a flu jab? Who is most at risk from the flu virus? We answer common questions about the flu vaccine and who should get one.Read more

Could you benefit from a health screening? We consider the advantages of health assessments and the different options available at BMI.Read more

Cryotherapy uses sub-zero temperatures to treat everything from warts to cancer – but what’s actually involved? We take a look at how it works.Read more

Drinking plenty of water is essential to keep virtually every system in your body working properly, and not only in the warmer months.Read more

Vestibular rehabilitation is a specialised therapy designed to help people suffering symptoms such as dizziness and lack of balance.

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Looking to use up leftover chicken? This chicken and fig salad is tasty and healthy, and ready in under 20 minutes. Get stuck in!Read more

Mindfulness meditation is a simple practice than can help with feelings of stress and anxiety. We explain the benefits and how to get started.Read more

Anosmia is the complete loss of smell, which has become notable recently as a common symptom of COVID-19. Our expert takes a closer look.Read more

Playing golf has amazing potential health benefits. We take a look at the top 10 reasons to pick up a club, from burning calories to boosting heart health.Read more

Whip up a batch of crispy, tasty, versatile roasted chickpeas for dinner this evening. They're packed with flavour and good for you too.Read more

Psoriasis is a common skin condition, affecting around 2% of people in the UK. We consider the common causes and best treatments for psoriasis.Read more

Did you know that people who cycle regularly are significantly less likely to develop cancer and heart disease? We explore the science behind the figures.Read more

Want to improve your diet without spending a fortune? We share 20 tips to help you eat more healthily and save money doing it. Read more

Are you living with endometriosis? We want to hear from you.

We surveyed more than 2,000 people living with the condition and the results are in. This is what it's really like to live with endometriosis.Read more

Not quite ready to head back to the gym? We share seven types of exercise you can do from the comfort of your living room. From yoga to HIIT, barre to cardio.Read more

We consider the importance self-compassion, its positive effects on self-esteem, and 10 practices that can help you to be kinder to yourself. Read more

Take your salad game to the next level with our Middle-Eastern style Fattoush, featuring crispy pitta croutons and grilled halloumi. Read more

Depending on the cause and severity of your shoulder pain, there are a variety of options to manage and treat the issue with your joint. Read more

Find out everything you need to know about hip pain, from how to treat it yourself at home to when it’s time to seek professional help. Read more

Keep your kitchen well-stocked with our simple and affordable staples and you’ll always be able to whip up a tasty, easy and healthy meal.Read more

You won’t believe just how tasty this vegetable lasagne is. Packed with layers of flavour, it’s perfect for anyone looking to eat less meat.Read more

Find out everything you need to know about knee pain, from how to treat it yourself at home to when it’s time to seek professional help.Read more

This speedy supper is on the table in under 10 minutes, perfect for when you’re short on time but still want to make healthy food from scratch.Read more

If you’re worried that you or a loved one may have diabetes, this checklist highlights the seven main signs and symptoms to look out for. Read more

If you’re looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle, small changes are the best way to get started. We share seven easy ways to keep you in good health.Read more

If you're looking to improve your health without drastic changes, have you considered walking to get fit? Our guide will help you get started.Read more

Make boring salads a thing of the past with our top 10 healthy salad recipes. Every one is easy, tasty and ready in under 30 minutes.Read more

Nose and throat allergies are common conditions all year round, but especially in the spring. Our consultant explains why.Read more

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is easier than you might think. Make these 7 easy changes and you’ll be well on your way to good nutrition. Read more

Many of us are be feeling lonelier than usual right now. If you find yourself struggling, we're sharing tips to help you get through it.Read more

Toss orzo pasta with rainbow vegetables and tangy feta cheese to make this vibrant, vegetarian pasta salad that’s even better for lunch the next day.Read more

If your finances have been affected by the coronavirus, our guide offers simple and accessible ways to manage your money during this difficult time. Read more

If you’re looking to get more fish into your diet, these four recipes are a great place to start. Quick, easy and good for you too.Read more

We consider the ways you can stay active without leaving the house, helping you protect your physical and mental wellbeing while socially distancing.Read more

Does ‘staying positive’ prove harder than it sounds? We share advice on coping with negative thoughts and cultivating good ones. Read more

If you are struggling and need emotional support during lockdown, here are 10 free mental health services you can access without leaving home.Read more

Bring a taste of the Mediterranean to your kitchen with this healthy, easy-to-make salad that’s anything but boring. Big on taste as well as nutrition.Read more

If you have friends or loved ones who are classed as vulnerable, don’t underestimate how much your support could help them through isolation.Read more

In times of uncertainty, feelings of stress and anxiety are completely normal. We share advice on managing stress in difficult times.Read more

Children and young people may be just as unsettled by the current situation as you are. We share advice on how to speak to them about COVID-19.Read more

Never made hummus from scratch before? Now's the time. Our easy recipes are ready in minutes. You’ll never go back to store bought. Read more

Feelings of anxiety are completely normal during a pandemic. We share advice on managing negative thoughts and protecting your mental wellbeing.Read more

Having a healthy immune system is essential for your body to fight off infection. We take a look at 7 ways you can bolster your body’s defences.Read more

We share simple tips and tricks to help make sure you look after your mental wellbeing while you are working from home. Read more

Are immune system booster foods really a thing? We take a look at some of the foods credited with boosting your body's natural defences.Read more

20 of our top tips to keep you sane and productive if you’re working from home, from the pitfalls to avoid to the benefits to embrace.

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There are so many benefits to having a healthy mouth. Take care of your oral health by following these simple steps to look after your teeth and gums.

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It’s never too late to stop smoking and it doesn’t matter if you’ve tried before but given in. Here are some practical tips to help.Read more

Everybody loves a good chilli con carne. Our healthy version is full of vegetables and low in fat but still packed with layers of great flavour.Read more

Consultant Health Psychologist Dr Sue Peacock explains how sleep – or lack of sleep – can affect our mental health and wellbeing.Read more

If you're looking for a heart healthy recipe that's easy to make and good for you too, this vegetable curry could be just what you’ve been searching for.Read more

Endometriosis is a common condition that can cause chronic pain, fatigue and even infertility. So why does it take on average 7.5 years to get a diagnosis?Read more

Plant-based cooking doesn’t have to be a chore. This vegan stir fry is super easy and on your table in 20 minutes or less. The perfect healthy midweek meal. Read more

While there is no real ‘gut health diet’, we’ve put together 15 of the best diet and lifestyle tips to help you improve or restore gut health naturally.Read more

Our consultant gastroenterologist answers questions about Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, two forms of inflammatory bowel disease.Read more

We answer common questions about this respiratory disease and consider the lifestyle changes that can help to manage symptoms.Read more

Ahead of World AIDS Day, we're shedding light on the real facts about HIV and AIDS and dispelling some commonly held false beliefs.Read more

Ditch the takeaway this week and instead make this easy and delicious curry, packed with flavour and bursting with vegetables.

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Tips from an experienced psychologist on managing fear of the dentist’s chair, from pinpointing the causes to specialised hypnosis.

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We examine the facts around antibiotic resistance, considering why it’s a problem and what research can do to solve it.

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A quick and easy recipe for homemade beans on toast that’s tasty, comforting and vegan too. Your new weeknight favourite.

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Do you suffer from knee pain? Swollen joints? Stiffness in your hip? We discuss if complementary therapies can actually help with joint pain.

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Are you eating enough fibre? We take a look at the recommended intake and offer tips on adding fibrous foods to your diet.

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The NHS running plan aims to take you from absolute beginner to running 5K in just nine weeks. We consider the pros and cons of the programme.

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Our healthier take on this classic Italian pasta dish has a fiery tomato and aubergine sauce and counts as two of your 5 A Day.

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We share our favourite simple soup recipes including butternut squash, cream of tomato and a garlicky spinach soup.

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Are you a binge drinker? Get the facts on binge drinking and the potential health risks, along with tips on monitoring your alcohol intake.Read more

Everyone's favourite comfort food gets a makeover in this cosy yet healthy mac and cheese recipe, made with a creamy hidden veg sauce.

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An easy recipe for roasted vegetables plus five ways to use them in healthy meals throughout the week, from vegan pasta to five-minute flatbreads.

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Do you really know what your gut microbiome is? We consider the science and the ways you can boost the health of your own gut.

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It’s important that children grow up having a positive relationship with food and exercise – here’s how you can help them do that.

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Our healthy interpretation of the classic Creole dish jambalaya is a one pot wonder that’s sure to become a weeknight favourite.

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Are you frequently battling tonsillitis? We discuss the main symptoms of tonsillitis and the key benefits of a having a tonsillectomy.

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Our specialist consultant gives the lowdown on PRP injections, a new treatment used for sports injuries and painful joints.Read more

We consider the pros and cons of ecigarettes as an aid to stopping smoking and dispel some common myths surrounding vaping. Read more

From breathing exercises to treating yourself, these are our top 18 easy tips to calm you when you’re feeling stressed or anxious.Read more

Pack more fibre into your diet with our healthy and delicious version of the ever-popular spaghetti Bolognese. This easy recipe contains three of your 5 A Day.Read more

Are you experiencing abdominal pain and wondering why? You could be one of the estimated 1 in 7 people who have gallstones.Read more

Our take on this traditional Middle Eastern dish packs in 5 portions of veg per serving. A healthy yet hearty brunch dish for two.Read more

Top tips to help you feel better and perform better if you’ve suffered a night of broken or little sleep, written by a sleep specialist.Read more

This buzzword shows no signs of going away, but what does self-care really mean and why does it matter? We take a closer look.Read more

Are you worried you might have Dupuytren’s? We speak to the British Dupuytren’s Society about the signs and symptoms and how it can be treated.Read more

The secret to a longer life is unknown, but there is evidence to suggest what can help. Read on for five factors that could mean you live longer… Read more

This Mexican-style recipe is low in calories yet bursting with flavour and nutrients, plus vegan to boot. An easy dish to add to your meal planning roster. Read more

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Col Paul Parker shares his advice on this common cause of heel pain, discussing causes, symptoms and how to treat it.Read more

Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Mr Christopher C.T Lee shares his advice on what to eat – and what not to eat – when you’re pregnant. Read more

Are you considering a hysterectomy? Find out about the procedure and side effects and what to expect from your recovery. Read more

Are you suffering from back pain and wondering why? Our video guide to common causes and treatments could give you the advice you need.Read more

A video guide to the symptoms of endometriosis and other conditions it can be mistaken for, with Consultant Gynaecologist Zoe Woodward. Read more

Top tips on managing arthritis pain at home, with a video Q&A featuring Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr Faisal Hussain.Read more

It’s a common belief that changes in the weather can lead to arthritis flare-ups, but is there any truth behind it? We take a closer look.Read more

Can smartphones and social media encourage symptoms of anxiety and depression? We offer advice on how to step away from your screen. Read more

Sleep is vital to both our physical and mental wellbeing. Find out if you’re getting enough and, if not, what you can do to sleep more and sleep better. Read more

Every session on a sunbed increases your risk of skin cancer by more than you might think. Dr Andrew G Affleck demystifies sun safety. Read more

Mr Andy Hacker, Consultant Hand and Wrist Surgeon, discusses common tennis related injuries, including symptoms, treatments and avoiding re-injury. Read more

More people in the UK are going vegan than ever before. Is it just a fad, or are there real health benefits to be had? We take a closer look.

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Carrying excess fat around the waist is associated with various health risks. But why is belly fat so dangerous? And what are the different ways to lose it?

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Discover what to expect in the months following an ACL reconstruction surgery with this step-by-step timeline about returning to sport.

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Here’s what to expect in the weeks following your operation, with advice from our Consultant General Surgeon Mr Simon Radley.Read more

BMI Healthcare’s Clinical Lead Physiologist, Colin Thomas, offers his advice on the best foods to fuel you before the big race.Read more

Are you wondering what's wrong with your hip? Mr Bhupinder Mann offers his advice on different hip conditions and their associated symptoms.

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Consultant Vascular Surgeon, Mr Nicholas Wilson, shares his advice on the steps you can take to prepare for your varicose vein procedure.

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Consultant Maxillofacial and Facial Plastic Surgeon, Afshin Yousefpour, on what you need to know before committing to surgery.

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Consultant Urological Surgeon, Rono Mukherjee, talks about how increasing your water intake can prevent kidney stones and urinary tract infections.

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Our Consultant Gynaecologist, David Griffiths, talks about endometriosis and fatigue, and offers advice to help manage the condition.

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Our Consultant Anaesthetist and Specialist in Pain Management offers 6 tips for sleeping better with chronic pain and advises what to avoid.

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Whether you bat, bowl or field, there’s a risk of getting injured. Find out the most common injuries on how to treat them.

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For some men, a vasectomy has a lot of benefits. Our Consultant Urological Surgeon answers common questions about the procedure.

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Our Consultant Dietitian shares a joint-healthy recipe and offers advice on how arthritis symptoms can be managed through diet.

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Our Consultant Haemato-Oncologist, Dr Premini Mahendra, explains the different types of blood cancer and their symptoms.

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From what happens during an endoscopy to how long it takes to recover, we answer key questions about the procedure.

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To help you prepare for cataract surgery, we’ve put together a handy checklist of 9 things to remember before your operation

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Making certain lifestyle changes can help with joint pain. We share 5 ways to help manage the condition, with advice from Paul Gill our Orthopaedic Consultant.

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Consultant Cardiologist, Dr Ali Khavandi from The Cardiologist’s Kitchen, shares his recipe so you can enjoy a heart-healthy barbecue this summer.

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Middle-distance runner, Eilish McColgan, shares her tips on avoiding injuries, preparing for an event and training when you're ill.

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Living with chronic pain isn’t easy. However, the effects of living in pain are often overlooked and underestimated. We discuss the link between the two.

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome can sometimes be tricky to diagnose. We discuss 6 different conditions that can sometimes be mistaken for IBS.

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With hay fever season in full swing, we’re shedding light on the most common myths surrounding seasonal allergies.

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Are you wondering what's wrong with your knee? Find out about 7 common conditions that could be the cause of your knee pain.

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Take control of your health by being aware of the signs and symptoms of bowel cancer and find out how to reduce your risk of developing the disease.Read more

Find out how the team at BMI Hendon Hospital got athlete Zane Robertson back on his feet in time for the Commonwealth Games 2018.Read more