Rapid access to medical care this winter

Winter is upon us, and while most of us may be looking forward to winter festivities it is important to remember to look after your health and your loved ones during this period. The cold weather can trigger many illnesses, increase the risk of injuries and worsen some existing medical conditions.

Winter can be extremely tough on the elderly as the cold can increase respiratory infections, painful joints and the risk of trips and falls. Eating well, keeping warm and staying active are all great ways of looking after yourself at this time of the year. However, some health issues can be hard to avoid.

The rise in illnesses during the winter can put increased pressure on busy A&E departments which may result in longer waiting times.

If you or a loved one require rapid access to medical care without a busy wait or are concerned about a medical condition, the BMI Healthcare general medical admissions service can provide you with medical care and treatment within the comfort of a private hospital.

Dr David Levy, Consultant General Physician at BMI Hendon Hospital in London says “Given how challenging it is spending hours waiting in A&E, especially when unwell, it is useful to know of other options available. One such option is the facility to be admitted directly to a private hospital.”

General Medicine at BMI Healthcare hospitals

Our hospitals offering general medical admissions have teams of experienced consultants who provide 24-hour care for a wide range of illnesses and conditions. The general medical services we provide include:

  • Treatment for all many common illnesses
  • Care for complex or multiple conditions
  • Rehabilitation in hospital
  • Diagnostic procedures to find out what’s wrong 

What happens when you’re admitted to hospital?

You can arrange hospital admission yourself, or it can be handled on your behalf by a GP, family member, carer or care home. If you want to admit yourself, you just need to call your local BMI Healthcare hospital offering the general medical admissions service*.

A medical officer will chat to you on the phone and ask a few questions to confirm that a hospital admission is the right course of action for you. Once your hospital admission is agreed, you can arrive whenever you want to.

When you arrive, you will be under the care of our general medical nursing team. You are given some time to settle into your room, and assessed by your consultant physician within 4 hours of arriving at the hospital.

A stay at a BMI Healthcare hospital provides you with a peaceful environment in which to recover, with your own private en-suite bedroom and a food menu tailored to you.

Why choose BMI

  • 24-hour care, seven days a week and a fast, efficient admissions process
  • Consultant-led service, backed up by a dedicated and experienced nursing team. Other healthcare professionals such as physiotherapists are available to support your recovery if you need them
  • We also have access to the latest healthcare technologies, including imaging and diagnostics, to help you diagnose conditions faster and more accurately
  • You can cover the costs of your hospital stay: with either private medical insurance or by paying for yourself.

To find out more visit our general medical admissions page.

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