Why get a health assessment?

Could you benefit from a health screening? We consider the advantages of health assessments with BMI and give an overview of the different options.

If you've got your health, you've got your wealth. It may sound trite but that doesn’t stop it being true.


Anyone who has suffered a sudden illness or injury will tell you, until your health is damaged you don't quite realise how much we all take it for granted. And if underlying problems go undetected, the implications can be much more serious than a few weeks off work.

Even if you're a certified health and fitness buff, working out regularly, eating a balanced and varied diet, and generally living well, it still pays to get a professional opinion on your health.

That’s where a health assessment comes in – also known as a health check, health screen or health screening.

Think of it like an MOT for your body. It can help to identify any problems you might not have noticed, as well as giving you tips on how to care for your health in the long term.

The benefits of health assessments

There are several reasons why a regular health assessment makes sense and can benefit your health.


Firstly, a health assessment will help diagnose any specific problems that you have. Not only do you undergo a rigorous selection of tests, but you'll also get plenty of one-to-one time with a doctor. This is your opportunity to discuss problems you have and build a plan to tackle them.

Also, a health assessment helps you understand your risk of developing certain conditions, including cancer.

According to Cancer Research UK, half of all people born in the UK after 1960 will be diagnosed with cancer at some stage in their lives. The chances of developing cancer are linked to your lifestyle as well as other factors.

Changes to lifestyle can have a big impact on risk of developing cancer, heart disease and diabetes, along with many other conditions. A health assessment can flag up problems and help you to make positive changes.

Knowing that a medical professional has tested your body can also deliver tremendous peace of mind. Even if problems are detected, remember that early diagnosis vastly improves outcomes in so many illnesses.

This is especially true of cancers. According to Cancer Research UK over 90% of women diagnosed with breast cancer at its earliest stage survive for at least 5 years. For those diagnosed at its most advanced stage this falls to just 15%.


What should I expect from a BMI Healthcare screening?


Our health assessments have four distinct levels, each involving different combinations of tests. They will all involve a thorough discussion of your medical history, discussing any pre-existing conditions, as well as certain standard tests, for example measuring your blood pressure and weight.

BMI Essentials

If you are in general good health and want an MOT for your body, then this is the choice for you. During an hour's appointment with a specialist nurse, your health will be tested and you will be given advice on where and how to make improvements.

Find out more about BMI Essentials health assessments.

BMI Select

Men and women have different health issues and concerns, and BMI Select is designed to address these differences. Along with the tests carried out by the nurse, you will spend half an hour with a doctor to address specific concerns you have.

See exactly what happens during a BMI Select health assessment.

BMI Advanced

A comprehensive analysis of your body from head to toe, our advanced health assessment includes blood tests, tests for your lungs, heart, kidneys and liver plus much more.

BMI Advanced is a two-hour test, where you’ll see both a doctor and a nurse. You’ll leave with an accurate picture of your current health as well as areas of concern for the future.

Find out more about BMI Advanced health assessments.


BMI Advanced Plus

This is BMI’s full health check. It takes everything in our advanced health test (from blood pressure to blood samples) and also tests your cardiovascular system with an exercise ECG.

This is important for assessing how well your heart deals with the strain of exercise, and can be a useful test to undergo before starting a new exercise programme.

Find out more about BMI Advanced Plus health assessments.

What happens after my health screen?

After your health assessment at BMI Healthcare, you’ll be sent a personalised medical report, including all your test results and the outcome of your discussion with our doctor.

You will also be given a comprehensive Guide to Health book, which offers help and advice on topic including overall health, exercise, diet, mental wellbeing and the prevention of disease.

Which BMI health check is right for me?

If you’re not sure which type of health screening is for you, get in touch and we will talk you through them. As well as the four assessments listed above, we can also build a session based around your individual needs.

To book your health assessment call us on 0800 004 600.

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