Regaining the love of life after a tummy tuck

Su Hickman, a 44-year-old veterinary receptionist from Aylesbury, had a life-changing tummy tuck at BMI The Chiltern Hospital after her dramatic weight loss left her with loose, sagging skin around her tummy and her confidence at an all-time low.

Su and her husbandSu is an ovarian cancer survivor who gained weight after the stress and medication of her condition. She decided to go for a gastric bypass procedure which helped her lose more than nine stones. But because of the various surgeries she had during her ovarian cancer, her stomach skin became really saggy, leaving her very self-conscious.  

Su decided to go for an abdominoplasty and save her love of life. An abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, is a cosmetic procedure designed make the stomach flat again by tightening the abdominal muscles removing any stretch marks and existing scars in the process.

Su's experience

“I’d survived ovarian cancer in 2014 but the stress and medication had made me gain a lot of weight over a period of just a few months. At my biggest, I was 19 and a half stone and had ballooned from a size 14 to a size 22. At just over 5 feet tall, that’s a lot!” says Su. “Try as I might I just couldn’t shift the weight. I tried dieting, exercise, everything really.”

In September 2015, Su booked herself into BMI The Shelburne Hospital for a gastric bypass. “Even though my weight was starting to affect my health, I was told by my GP that I wasn’t big enough to have weight loss surgery on the NHS, so I decided to pay for myself. 

Su afterSu after

“The results were incredible. I lost two stone in a fortnight and by the beginning of January I’d lost between 6 and 7 stone and the weight was falling off,” she says smiling.

“I was really lucky,” she says. “Almost everything just snapped back into place so I looked incredible with my clothes on. However, pregnancy and my various surgeries during my ovarian cancer treatment had played havoc with my tummy and I had terrible sagging skin that I had to hide away. It really dented my confidence and made me very self-conscious.” Su continues, “I was determined to find the old me and I felt I couldn’t do that while I was so self-conscious about my tummy. I did some research on the internet and found Mr Budny on the BMI website - he had fantastic reviews from his patients.

“I had my surgery in February last year and I haven’t looked back,” Su says proudly. “I ran straight out to buy new bikinis and even got my belly button pierced! My life has been transformed and I have never been happier, or more confident! My husband says it’s like having his wife back again,” she adds, laughing.

Tummy tuck beforebefore tummy tuck
tummy tuck afterafter tummy tuck

If you want to find out more about abdominoplasty or tummy tuck you can find out more on our treatment page or you can read why the tummy tuck is the fastest growing cosmetic procedure in Britain. Find out more about the different cosmetic treatment options available here. If you're considering cosmetic surgery, read about what you can expect.
For information about ovarian cancer please visit our dedicated page.

Mr Peter Budny Mr Peter Budny, Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgeon at BMI The Chiltern Hospital, BMI The Shelburne Hospital and BMI Saxon Clinic explains:

When there have been major changes in size and weight, the elastic fibres in the tissues are like broken springs and no end of other techniques will make them return to their usual shape. Removal of the loose overhanging skin becomes really the only way forward.

Su underwent an abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck, with umbilicoplasty to reposition the tummy button," says Mr Budny. "She had already achieved good muscle tone through her own efforts with exercise. The surgery is dependent on good prior weight loss.

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