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Here are nine recommended lifestyle changes which could reduce your risk of developing the disease.
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We hear more and more about the potential effects of too much sugar in our diets. But what happens when sugar and protein mix?
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We're all aware of the dangers of getting too much sun - but could artificial light from screens be equally bad for us?.
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It can take hold quickly and spread like wildfire. So what's the best way of preventing norovirus? Read more

Moisturisers: many swear by them. Others, swear, literally, that they do nothing. Here's a close up of moisturisers in action. Read more

Is it just ‘fussy eating'? How careful do you need to be? And will it hurt ‘just a tiny bit'? Here's a list of the things you shouldn't say to someone with a food allergy.
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There has been a major decline in diabetes-related sight loss across Wales, thanks to a national screening programme for over 12 year olds. Read more

Mr Pradip Javle, Consultant Urological Surgeon, talks about some of the common changes in a man's health that you should keep an eye on. Read more

Rob Waite, physiotherapist and a seasoned runner shares his insights about how to get ready for a marathon. Read more

A new study about the impact of exercise on the brain found that just 1 session boosts your mood and brain function. Read more

Old-wives tales or actual facts?Here is the truth on five of the most commonly believed health myths.Read more

If you suffer from arthritis, exercise is one of the best things you can do take care of your joints and yourself Read more

Life expectancy in the UK has been on the rise in the past 100 years. Why is it stagnating now? Read more

A colonoscopy helps your doctor diagnose issues with the large bowel. Here's what to expect if you are having one. Read more

The number of people who smoke is at an all-time low. Could it soon be zero?Read more

With conflicting information available, it's time to untangle the truth of how red meat affects your health. Read more

Despite decades of research, there is still no definitive treatment for baldness.How close are we? Read more

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