General medical services at BMI Healthcare

Consultant with patient
General Medical AdmissionsOur consultant general physicians provide around the clock medical care and treatment for a broad range of conditions and illnesses.

If your patient needs treatment for an illness, if they are suffering from multiple conditions and need some medical care, if they need rehabilitation and a stay in hospital, or if they simply need further diagnostic investigations to get to the bottom of what’s wrong, we may be able to help*.

Why refer your general medical patient to us?

  • 24/7 direct access and an efficient admission process avoiding a multi-step admission via A&E
  • A consultant led medical service with a multidisciplinary team of medical nurses and other healthcare professionals such as physiotherapists, providing quality, personalised care
  • Access to onsite imaging and diagnostics, managed by consultant radiologists and radiographers
  • High acuity and back up care in many of our hospitals
  • Your patient’s consultant and clinical team will work with them to ensure they are ready for discharge
  • Private en-suite bedrooms and a calm environment for your patient
  • Insurer approved service meaning your patient should be covered by their private medical insurance policy**
  • Pay for yourself package pricing for those patient’s without private medical insurance***

4 simple steps to admitting your patient, day or night:

  1. 1.Call the medical team at your local BMI Healthcare hospital
  2. 2.Answer some questions over the phone to ensure your patient is suitable for admission*
  3. 3.Once admission is agreed your patient can make their way to hospital where they will be under the care of the general medical team
  4. 4.Your patient will be assessed by their consultant physician within 4 hours of admission

Inclusion and exclusion criteria:


  • Urinary Tract Infection (acute)
  • Course of IV Antibiotics
  • Cellulitis (If Venus Doppler – Doppler Ultrasound needed) Reading /report within 24hrs
  • Stabilisation of Upper and lower Bowel conditions
  • Simple Dehydration
  • Diabetes management (for optimisation – excluding acute DKA),
  • Electrolyte imbalance (moderate; non –acute)
  • Stable Renal Patients
  • Dermatology Patients
  • Stable Patients requiring investigations
  • Wound infection (Non-septic)
  • Respite Care (Elderly)
  • Respite Care (Post injury)
  • Respite with Physio input i.e. paraplegic muscle strengthening
  • Weakness and/ or lethargic - for investigations
  • Pre-surgical optimisation i.e. requiring carb loading/ rehydration
  • Debilitating disease requiring symptom or pain control / care e.g.Parkinson’s disease (Up to stage IV; Risk assessment required for all Stage V prior to admission)
  • Padget's Disease


  • Heart Failure+
  • Sepsis (Diagnosed/ suspected)+
  • Acute Neutropenic Sepsis (Diagnosed/ suspected)+
  • Any person under the age of 18 years
  • Patients who are known to be abusive, violent or threatening
  • Psychiatric Patients
  • BMI >40 (or patient no more than 200kgs with correct equipment),
  • Diagnosis of Severe Dementia
  • Acute airway conditions/ Acute Lower Respiratory Tract Infection
  • Acute exacerbation of COPD/ ASTHMA
  • Acute Cardiac
  • Alcohol/Drug dependency
  • Pregnancy (expectant mothers of 20 weeks or more gestation)
  • Diagnosed or suspected Ectopic pregnancies/ Obstetric patients
  • Acute GI tract bleed (symptoms would be vomiting fresh blood)
  • Haematemesis (within first four days of the acute phase)
  • Melena stools (within first four days of the acute phase)
  • Oesophageal varices (could present as projectile vomiting of fresh blood)
  • Stroke (Newly diagnosed)
  • Spinal Cord Injury (suspected or diagnosed)

This is not the extensive criteria list. Upon admission, the clinician will ask you relevant questions to ensure patient admission is appropriate/ we can accept your patient.

Payment options for your patient

1. Private medical insurance**

Most medical insurers recognise our service and are likely to cover medical care and treatment. However your patient must liaise with their insurer directly beforehand to ensure they are covered by their policy. Your patient will need to activate their policy with their insurer but of course if they are admitted urgently, we can help administer the process.

2. Your patient can pay for themselves

We offer a pay for yourself package price which includes a daily fixed rate fee for accommodation and most medical care***. Knowing the price upfront means your patient won’t have to worry about the financials and can focus on what’s important, getting better.

Our hospitals offering general medical services

Terms and conditions

  • * We do not accept admissions for any person under the age of 18 years old. There are various medical conditions that we are unable to accept. A nurse will ask you questions over the phone to ensure it is suitable for your patient to be admitted into hospital.
  • ** Your patient should check the cover detail of their insurance policy with their insurer directly.
  • *** Our fixed price pay for yourself package includes accommodation, daily consultant visits, nursing care, low cost drugs and pathology, and access to some other healthcare professionals such as physiotherapists. The price does not include the initial consultant fee, imaging and diagnostics, high cost drugs and pathology, and consultations, care or treatment provided by other specialist consultants. For patients paying for themselves, we will ask for their credit card details upon admission to act as a holding deposit.
  • + Denotes acceptable criteria for BMI The Clementine Churchill Hospital, BMI The Alexandra Hospital and BMI Ross Hall Hospital. This is not the extensive criteria list. Upon admission, the clinician will ask you relevant questions to ensure patient admission is appropriate/ we can accept your patient.