Health Assessments - Select - £354.50

Our Select Assessment is designed to assess general health while focusing on areas of particular concern to each gender.

The consultation will be tailored to your health concerns on the day. We will focus on gender specific issues, such as identifying early signs of female specific cancers in women and testicular cancer in men. 

You will spend up to 30 minutes with a Doctor. Following your health assessment, you will then receive a personalised medical report and lifestyle recommendations.

The Select Assessment has the following tests included, selected to help you improve your health and wellbeing.

Tests included
Medical and lifestyle questionnaire
Dietary assessment
BMI Guide to healthy living
Personalised medical report & recommendations
Lifestyle consultation with nurse
Consultation with doctor
Blood pressure
Body composition (height, weight, hip to waist, BMI and body fat percentage)
Blood Tests
Lipid profile
Check for Diabetes including HbA1c
Other Investigations
Cardiovascular risk score
Urine analysis (3 tests for diabetes infection and kidney function)
Faecal Occult Blood - over 40 (may indicate bowel cancer)
Resting ECG
Female Specific Tests
Breast cancer awareness
Breast examination
Mammography - over 40
Cervical cancer screening (including HPV if clinically appropriate)
Male Specific Tests
Testicular cancer awareness
Testicular examination
Prostate cancer blood test - over 50

Length of assessment:
Up to 1 hour including nurse and doctor consultations

Cost of assessment:
£354.50 (2018 price)

If any tests are not clinically appropriate for you, your doctor will advise you.

These tests will incur an additional charge