One Stop Gallstone Clinic

Approximately 70,000 operations to remove the gallbladder are preformed in UK every year. Gallstone disease is common, but does not cause symptoms in all patients. One in three patients will develop symptoms that require careful assessment. Many of these symptomatic patients will benefit from surgery. This requires taking a detailed history and appropriate investigations before making a decision about further treatment. A careful assessment is necessary to select patients that will benefit from surgery. Diagnostic pathway can be long, requiring many visits to the hospital for investigations before a final decision is made.

The Albyn hospital is now introducing a One Stop Gallstone clinic, providing rapid diagnostic treatment and clear management plans for the patients suspected to have gallstones.

The One Stop gallstone clinic will provide a detailed clinical assessment; diagnosis and a treatment plan all in one visit, and is run by Prof I Ahmed and Mr B Alkari. These surgeons specialize in advanced keyhole techniques for managing gallstones.

All patients will have a detailed clinical initial assessment by the responsible consultant. If necessary, they will receive the relevant investigations including ultrasound, MRI and pre-assessment services in the same visit and will be booked for an operation on the next available operation date. 

At BMI you will receive first class treatment at an affordable price. You can make an appointment or enquire by calling 0808 101 0337.