Bath Dermatology Clinic

At BMI Bath Clinic, our dermatology consultants are highly knowledgeable in a wide range of skin conditions.

Our consultants can usually be seen within 48 hours, and pride themselves in offering a professional and caring approach that identifies the issue at hand and explores the potential solutions ahead.

Skin Lesion Removal in Bath

general surgerySkin lesion removal refers to an unwanted skin growth, such as a mole or wart, or may refer to skin tag removal. Our experienced consultant dermatologists at BMI Bath Clinic will recommend you have the lesion removed if it is potentially cancerous, but will also be able to discuss options if it’s causing you issues because of its unsightly appearance. There are multiple ways of removing a lesion, from getting it cut out, frozen off to cream treatment and more.

Skin Biopsy

A skin biopsy will be performed so that the dermatologist can learn more about your skin condition or disease.

Alternatively, it can also be used for skin lesion removal. The procedure involves taking a small sample of tissue from your body. After your skin biopsy, your consultant will be in a better position to give you an informed diagnosis, particularly for skin conditions and disorders such as blistering skin, dermatitis, psoriasis, skin tags, skin cancers, moles, skin infections and many other skin conditions.

Mole Removal

Moles will usually be removed if they have abnormal or cancerous cells. Mole removal can also be an option for private patients who are experiencing problems or wish to have the mole removed for aesthetic reasons. While most moles are not a cause for concern, they can sometimes be unsightly or affect a person’s confidence. At BMI Bath Clinic, our consultants will identify the type and depth of the mole, and outline your treatment and removal options.

Removal of Lipoma

A lipoma is the presence of excess fat cells that form a lump beneath the skin. While usually benign (non-cancerous), you may sometimes experience difficulties or pain as a result. Alternatively, the lipoma may be unsightly and you may want it removed for aesthetic reasons. While they usually appear on external areas such as the shoulders, chest or thighs, they can also form internally such as on organs or muscles. Our consultants will usually be able to diagnose a lipoma through a physical examination, and if removal is the desired outcome, will be able to give you information on the surgical procedure.