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BMI Bath Clinic in Somerset offers a Private Varicose Vein Treatment Centre to patients who are based in Bath, Bristol and Wiltshire.

Varicose veins are enlarged, raised veins and usually blue or purple in colour. They are very common and may affect as many as 3 in 10 adults.* They can impede self-confidence; influence what you wear and sometimes impact participation in activities you would otherwise enjoy.

Where the key concern is their unsightly appearance, varicose veins treatment through the NHS is limited, with strict eligibility criteria in place.

Private Varicose Vein Treatment in Bath

Patients visiting the Private Varicose Vein Treatment Centre at Bath Clinic choose to pay for their treatment privately or use their medical insurance. We also treat spider veins, with an on-site thread veins specialist.

What You Can Expect

  • A dedicated centre capable of dealing with all varicose vein issues under one roof
  • Rapid access to experienced vascular consultants, usually within 48 hours
  • Excellent care provision, from initial consultation through to treatment and aftercare
  • Available on a 'walk-in, walk-out' basis, with prompt resumption of normal activities
  • A full range of treatments available, under both local and general anaesthetic
  • Competitive pricing and flexible finance allowing you to spread the cost of treatment

Meet the Private Varicose Vein Treatment Specialists in Bath

We are proud to work with two highly qualified and well-established Vascular Surgeons, Mr John Budd and Mr Devan Thavarajan.

When you visit The Varicose Vein Treatment Centre at Bath Clinic, a full assessment will be carried out with your consultant, who will outline all treatment options and a plan tailored to you.

Private Varicose Vein Treatments Offered in Bath

The Varicose Vein Treatment Centre offers a wide range of treatment options, including those recommended by the NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) guidelines such as endothermal ablation.

Private Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) in Bath

Radiofrequency ablation of varicose veins (VNUS closure), often referred to as the ‘gold standard’ of varicose vein treatment is where a thin tube is inserted into the vein to deliver radiofrequency energy.

The energy build-up is used to heat the vein wall and cause it to seal so that blood passes via nearby healthy veins.

Private Sclerotherapy in Bath – Liquid / Foam

Sclerotherapy involves injecting a solution directly into the vein in order for it to scar, helping blood to reroute through healthier veins.

The solution is usually in liquid form, which works by irritating the lining of the vein, causing it to swell and block the flow of blood.

Foam may be instead used, particularly when treatment of a larger vein is involved.

Private Multiple Phlebectomies in Bath

Phlebectomies (also known as avulsions) consist of small incisions to remove lumpy varicose vein branches near to the skin.

The technique can be performed under local or general anaesthetic and is frequently performed at the same time as other ablation techniques.

It can also be performed on its own to treat localised venous problems.

After your private treatment in Bath

Typically, you should be able to return to work or normal activities within a week, although this will depend on your general health and type of work you do. Your consultant will be able to discuss your individual situation and offer more information regarding your recovery.

How much does it cost?

  • Consultation - new initial: £150
  • Imaging - ultrasound: £200
  • Procedure - VNUS one leg (local anaesthetic): £2435
  • Guide package price: £2785**

Payment Options

Accessing private healthcare is easy, whether you choose to pay directly or use private medical insurance.

If you are paying for yourself, we can usually offer an upfront cost which you can then choose to pay in full or access one of our easy payment options.

If you have insurance, we can arrange direct settlement with your insurance provider, although you should check in advance to see if your treatment is covered. For more information, visit our private medical insurance page.

* Source: NHS24

**The guide package price represents an approximation of a typical treatment cost at BMI Bath Clinic only. A fixed all-inclusive treatment price will be offered following your initial consultation, to reflect your medical conditions, needs and care pathway.

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Patient Testimonials

I was looked after extremely well. Please pass on my thanks to all the departments. You were all so kind and caring and couldn't do enough for me, my family and partner. I am currently recovering well. Big, big thanks to you all again, you are all so very talented.