Private Paediatric Services

We are here to provide expert high quality professional care within a fully equipped private hospital for children aged* three years and over.

We work with leading consultants and employ a highly experienced team of full-time paediatric nurses, who can treat children Monday to Friday, five days a week.

We offer a wide range of daycase and inpatient services, from Monday to Friday, including:

  • Squint correction
  • Removal of tonsils and adenoids
  • Hernia repair
  • Circumcision
  • Plastic surgery procedures
  • Orthopaedic procedures
  • *Children under the age of three can be seen in our outpatient department.


Our consultant surgeons undertake a range of outpatient and inpatient procedures across various specialties at Bishops Wood Hospital. 

Listed below are some of the procedures that we carry out, and in some cases a downloadable information sheet is available.

Alternatively, if you would like any information about a specific procedure please contact us with your enquiry.

ENT surgery:

  • Adenoidectomy
  • Panendoscopy (Examination under anaesthetic of airway/throat)
  • Excision of nodules on throat
  • Insertion of grommets
  • Tonsillectomy
  • General surgery and Urology:


  • Circumcision
  • Hernia repair
  • Hydrocele
  • Orchidopexy

Ophthalmic surgery:

  • Excision of cyst
  • Strabismus (Squint)

Oral and Maxillofacial surgery:

  • Abscess
  • Extraction of teeth – baby teeth, wisdom teeth
  • Frenectomy (Tongue Tie)
  • Osteotomy of the jaw

Orthopaedic surgery:

  • Ankle surgery
  • Arthoscopy
  • Cartilage and ligament repairs to the knee
  • Foot surgery
  • Fractures - to arms and legs

Plastic surgery:

  • Correction for facial palsy
  • Excision of skin lesions
  • Excision of moles
  • Hand surgery
  • Hypospadius
  • Pinnaplasty (Prominent ears)


Do I need a letter of referral from my GP?
You will need a referral letter from your GP to see a consultant surgeon or a consultant paediatrician in our outpatient department.

Is there a paediatric nurse we can call prior to our admission?
The paediatric nurses work at Bishops Wood Hospital 5 days a week and can be contacted on 01923 834220. If we are unable to talk to you, please leave a message and we will call you back.

Can I bring my child to visit the hospital prior to admission?
At Bishops Wood Hospital we want your child’s experience of coming into hospital to be a happy one. By coming to visit the hospital and discussing any planned procedures with the paediatric nurses, any fears and anxieties can be addressed. You just need to phone and arrange an appointment to come for a pre-admission consultation.

What do we need to bring with us on admission day?
Your child will need to wear a theatre gown when they go to theatre, but they can bring their pyjamas if they wish for after their operation. You will also need to bring slippers and a dressing gown if they have one. We have some toys and books but you can bring in your own if you wish.

Can we stay with our child during admission?
We ask that at least one parent stays with their child throughout the entire stay. If your child has to stay overnight we have facilities to accommodate one parent.

Can my child eat and drink before coming to the hospital?
If your child is having a local anaesthetic (not going to sleep) then they can eat and drink as normal. If they are having a general anaesthetic (going to sleep) then your child needs to fast as follows:

  • No food/milk for six hours before going to theatre
  • No juice or breast milk for four hours before going to theatre
  • No water for two hours before going to theatre

Can I go with my child to theatre?
One parent can help the nurse escort the child to theatre and stay with their child until they go to sleep. Then the nurse will take the parent back to the child’s room whilst the operation takes place. Once the child is awake and in the recovery room, the nurse will be able to take one parent down to collect the child.

Will my child be in any pain?
Your child will be given pain relief in theatre but this may wear off before discharge. If this happens, your child will be prescribed pain relief, which will be administered when required. If you need some pain relief for when you go home, our pharmacy can prepare some, which will be charged to your bill.

When can my child eat and drink again?
Your child can have a drink of water after their operation. Once they have recovered from the anaesthetic and are not nauseous, they can eat and drink normally.

When can my child go home?
This depends on your consultant’s post operative instructions. If your child is a day case admission, they can usually go home within 2 to 4 hours, once they have drunk and passed urine. If your child’s consultant wants them to stay longer, then discharge will be when the patient has completely recovered and the consultant is happy for you to leave.

What follow-up care will I receive?
The day after your child has been discharged a paediatric nurse will call you at home to answer any questions you may have. If your child has any dressing or stitches in place following surgery, an appointment will be arranged prior to your child’s discharge. If you have a query you can call the hospital who will inform the paediatric team. In an emergency, you should take your child to the nearest A&E department.