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Breast Surgery

Private Breast Surgery at BMI Carrick Glen Hospital in Ayrshire.

The sooner you can identify a problem with your breast(s), the easier it is to treat, which is why our breast clinic at BMI Carrick Glen Hospital in Ayr is the place to come.

Our skilled and experienced Consultant Breast Surgeons can see you quickly, assess your symptoms, tell you whether further investigations are required, and book you in for procedures. You do not have to wait long to see a consultant, and investigations such as mammograms are often within two weeks of your consultation.

Understandably, you’ll take it seriously when you see changes in your breasts’ size and shape or feel a lump in them. Although 90% of lumps are not cancerous, you want to see a specialist promptly and get it sorted as soon as you can.

All breast patients, men and women, are seen in a pleasant, friendly outpatient clinic. Our hospital is in an excellent location and caters for Ayrshire and further afield, including Dumfries and Galloway. We carry out minor procedures under local anaesthetic, while surgery under general anaesthetic is conducted at our sister hospital, BMI Ross Hall Hospital in Glasgow.

Breast surgeons perform all kinds of breast surgeries for men and women, including non-cancerous (benign) and cancerous (malignant) breast disease.

At BMI Carrick Glen Hospital, about 70% of patients are reassured and discharged without further treatment. For the remaining 30% with positive findings, our surgeons may recommend an image-guided biopsy to make a diagnosis, followed by an ultrasound or breast screening (mammography).

Surgery could involve removing common benign lumps (fibroadenoma) through an excision biopsy or removing cancerous tissue or tumours through a procedure called a lumpectomy.

Cancer surgery includes wide local excisions to remove cancer and affected breast tissues up to a partial or total breast removal (mastectomy) and breast reconstruction. A mastectomy and rebuilding the breast is often joint surgery between a breast surgeon and a plastic surgeon.

Surgeons may also conduct an underarm (axilla) exceptional node biopsy or axilla lymph node clearance to check the lymph nodes for cancer.

At Carrick Glen Hospital, our Consultant Breast Surgeons perform minor surgery using a local anaesthetic, such as removing a cyst under the breast’s skin on-site. The majority of breast operations are performed at BMI Ross Hall Hospital in Glasgow. All our Consultant Breast Surgeons work across both Carrick Glen and Ross Hall Hospitals.

A referral letter is always preferred, and most referrals come from GPs and other consultants. However, some of our consultants are happy to see patients who self-refer.

You can expect a polite, cheery welcome from our reception team when you come to our breast surgery clinic. While you wait, they will call your consultant breast surgeon, who will come out to the waiting area to greet you. They’ll then usher you into a private consulting room, introduce themselves and begin the consultation.

Your consultant will ask you for a detailed medical history, so it’s a good idea to write things down and bring notes with you. They will then call a chaperone to be with you while they examine you. Afterwards, they’ll discuss a plan for what happens next, so you’re clear.

Most of the time, your consultant will arrange for investigations to help them make a diagnosis.

We do blood tests at the hospital, with the results returned within a few days. Imaging technology such as breast ultrasound scans and breast x-rays (mammograms), which can help your consultant detect early signs of cancer and other breast diseases, occur at BMI Ross Hall Hospital.

Your consultant will refer you for an ultrasound or mammogram if required, and Ross Hall Hospital will be in touch with you to arrange an appointment. Your consultant will then call you with the results or write you a letter.

Should your tests show something abnormal, your consultant will generally take a biopsy of the breast’s unusual tissue to diagnose whether a disease is present. An ultrasound-guided biopsy is a procedure where the surgeon uses a thin needle to take the sample, using ultrasound to guide to the appropriate area.

If the findings are positive, your consultant will call you to advise and arrange for you to come in to discuss the results and treatment options.

The two primary operations for breast surgery are wide local excision (lumpectomy) and mastectomy. In a lumpectomy, the surgeon removes the lump and some of the surrounding tissue. In a mastectomy, they remove the whole breast.

After a lumpectomy, you can usually go home on the same day, return to work three to seven days later and get back to normal activities within 10 days. After a mastectomy operation, you’ll recover in the hospital for the first few days, and recovery time is usually three to six weeks.

Your consultant may advise on a sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB) to check for abnormal lymph nodes simultaneously as a mastectomy. Sentinel lymph nodes are the first places where breast cancer is likely to spread.

They may also perform an axilla lymph node dissection (ALND), also known as clearance, simultaneously as breast surgery or as a second operation. Axillary lymph nodes are under the arm and can be removed after an SLNB if one or two sentinel lymph nodes have spread (metastasised).

Breast cancer treatment is prompt and is performed within a month of diagnosis. This is within the recommended NICE guidelines of 35-40 days.

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers. We understand how worrying it can be to find something abnormal with your breast, whether it’s a lump, a change in shape, dimpled skin, discharge, a rash, or pain.

The main benefit of seeing our consultant breast surgeons at BMI Carrick Glen Hospital is the speed with which they can see you, provide reassurance or a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Your symptoms will be benign in most cases – it could be fluid, a harmless cyst or normal breast tissue. But it’s still important to get checked if you spot anything unusual.


  • You’re assured of prompt assessment, diagnosis, and treatment – early diagnosis and treatment increase your chances of recovery.

  • We’re a small hospital with kind and caring staff who will make you feel at home.

  • Our Consultant Breast Surgeons are highly trained and fellows of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Glasgow.

  • At BMI Carrick Glen Hospital, we can refer you for treatment at BMI Ross Hall Hospital within one to two weeks.

  • Your breast surgeon has access to skilled plastic surgeons who work in tandem to reconstruct breasts while doing a mastectomy.

  • Follow-up chemotherapy is administered at BMI Ross Hall Hospital, and radiotherapy can be arranged in conjunction with the Beatson Cancer Centre.

  • Our comfortable private rooms at Ross Hall Hospital all have en-suite bathrooms, TV and WiFi.

  • You’ll be provided with plenty of information throughout your journey and contact details for your consultant and our 24-hour on-call specialist nurse if you have any questions or concerns.

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