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Diagnostic Imaging Services

Private Diagnostic Imaging Services at BMI Carrick Glen Hospital in Ayrshire.

BMI Carrick Glen Hospital is a friendly hospital in Ayrshire that’s fully equipped to carry out x-rays and ultrasound scans that help consultants assess, diagnose and treat you swiftly.

Our diagnostic imaging team is cohesive, highly experienced and skilled. It includes radiographers who take images, a sonographer who specialises in gynaecological scans and radiologists who interpret the pictures and issue diagnostic reports for our consultants.

Your consultant can also refer you to our sister hospital, BMI Ross Hall Hospital in Glasgow, for mammography, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans, computerised tomography (CT) scans, and ultrasound biopsies. 

Once we receive scans and x-ray images back from Ross Hall Hospital, our team can promptly assess them and email your consultant, minimising the wait for you. It also means your follow-up appointment can take place at Carrick Glen Hospital, reducing the need to travel.

Our diagnostic imaging department supports all the clinics we run at Carrick Glen Hospital, including respiratory, urology, cardiology and orthopaedic departments, giving consultants a means of diagnosing your problem and ruling others out.

The team works in a technically compliant x-ray room lined with lead to limit your radiation exposure. There’s also a changing room for privacy when you need to change into a gown. The equipment used is only a few years old.

We have a digital mobile x-ray unit to take plain-film x-rays of musculoskeletal (MSK), urological, and respiratory problems. In addition, an x-ray screening unit, also known as a C-arm image machine, for in-theatre work shows dynamic, real-time pictures and can help consultants insert screws or do injections precisely. We also have an ultrasound machine, often used on gynaecological patients or for various MSK conditions.


We can x-ray any bone in your body, but the mainstays in our diagnostic investigations are pre or post-joint replacements and orthopaedic problems in the shoulders, hands, elbows, pelvis and lower limbs. 

The team also takes x-rays for the urology department when it needs to discount renal stones. Another common request is from the respiratory department for chest x-rays to look for chest infections or signs of lung disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Other services include occupational chest X-rays and pre-immigration screening, for example, x-rays for people who work with asbestos or in a dust-creating environment to check that the lungs are clear. 

Employers might also request x-rays for pre-immigration screening to rule out tuberculosis (TB) and other conditions before workers start working for them.


An ultrasound scan produces sound waves to create an image of inside your body. At Carrick Glen Hospital, we use ultrasound to view musculoskeletal, abdominal and pelvic or gynaecological problems.

Our radiologist will scan solid and fluid-filled organs, including the pancreas, spleen, kidneys, and gallbladder in the upper abdomen and abdominal aorta, if they’re checking for aneurysms. 

Quite often, as part of a renal ultrasound looking at abnormalities in the kidneys, they would also ultrasound the bladder before and after you go to the toilet (pre and post micturition). It’s a standard procedure if you’re having trouble emptying your bladder when urinating.

Most of the x-rays our team takes are ‘intra-clinic’, which means you have come directly from one of our consultant’s clinics. So when your consultant asks for an x-ray, you will go along to the department and have it taken straight away. After the scan, the consultant will go through the results with you there and then.

You don’t have to prepare for an x-ray, although you may have to put on a gown on the day. We have cubicles in which you can change, and we treat you with dignity and respect. The radiographer may also ask you to remove jewellery if it’s in the imaging field.

In contrast to x-rays, we must book ultrasound scans in advance, as they require preparation – you may have to fast, drink a certain amount of fluid or come in with a full bladder.

Ultrasound is called a dynamic study. It means the consultant radiologist or specialist sonographer carrying out the scan writes up the findings and makes a diagnosis at the same appointment. They can answer your questions as appropriate and send their report to your consultant or referring GP within a few days.

BMI Carrick Glen Hospital is a friendly, regulated hospital with experienced diagnostic imaging professionals fully accredited by their professional bodies. 

Our pre-employment checks are thorough. For example, before a consultant gets practising privileges at our hospital, they must go through an Advisory Committee review. In addition, every year, they have to submit their General Medical Council (GMC) accreditation.

We don’t have waiting lists; scans can be carried out promptly with any diagnosis or treatment plan explained thoroughly immediately. 

The hospital is located on the outskirts of Ayr and has plenty of free parking and disabled access with no stairs, steps, or trip hazards. It’s easy to access by car and public transport – there’s a bus stop right outside.

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