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Psychology services

Seek help for mental health disorders from our Consultant Psychologists

You can get direct access to a Clinical Psychologist at BMI Carrick Glen Hospital in Ayr for assessment and treatment without the need for pre-screening by other healthcare professionals.

We don’t have waiting lists, meaning you can see a Clinical Psychologist quickly, ensuring speedy access to assessment and recommendations for your care.  Our highly trained and experienced Clinical Psychologists are specialists in understanding changes in mood, thinking, behaviour and relationships, considering the way that psychological processes might be intensifying distress and interfering with your quality of life and wellbeing.

The hospital is in an ideal location for patients from Ayrshire and beyond. It provides a warm, comfortable environment where you can discuss your problems in a private setting and come away with a treatment plan tailored for you.

The clinical psychology service specialises in providing individually tailored psychological therapies and intervention packages based on your unique experiences and needs. Psychological care and intervention helps you identify the ways in which you have been understanding and responding to a range of inner experiences, often resulting in new insights and access to tried and tested approaches that help in identifying the changes you need and want to make.

The service is available for adults of 16 years and above.

Clinical psychology is the study of intellectual, emotional, biological, psychological, social, and behavioural aspects of human functioning across the life span and application to the understanding, assessment, and treatment of physical and mental health problems.

Most people see a Clinical Psychologist when things are not happening in their lives the way they want or need. With clinical psychological assessment and intervention, Clinical Psychologists work with you to build a unique understanding of what has been upsetting or concerning you and your responses to this, working on a plan of care that is tailored to you and more influenced by that than general advice based on defining you by a diagnostic category or label.

A Clinical Psychologist will use the information from your sessions to help you reorganise and learn how you can respond differently to inner mental experiences.

Clinical psychologists have a psychology degree and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. This training involves seven years of academic and practice-based training, which includes assessment of professional competence working with all age groups in a range of community, hospital, and care settings.

At BMI Carrick Glen Hospital, we provide a range of evidence-based psychological therapies. Evidence-based therapy (EBT) means that there is scientific evidence of improvements happening in mental and physical health and wellbeing for people who have a trial of these therapies. These include:

  • Cognitive therapy/psychotherapy – also known as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT or CBP)
  • Image habituation therapy
  • Metacognitive therapy
  • Behaviour therapy
  • Behavioural activation therapy
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)
  • Cognitive processing therapy (CPT)
  • Supportive expressive therapy
  • Problem-solving therapy
  • Method of levels therapy
  • Mindfulness-based CT

Our psychology service also helps with physical health problems relating to eating, sleeping, and managing physical health issues such as chronic pain or fatigue.

Clinical psychologists often integrate different therapy approaches in order to provide unique and tailored advice, care and intervention plans. The overall aim is always to work with people to improve their physical or mental health and wellbeing.

In addition to the above, we can provide clinical psychological evaluations before surgical procedures and medico-legal reports for the courts.

Our Consultant Clinical Psychologists prefer a GP or consultant referral. This is because your GP or consultant has access to your clinical and medical history which could be contributing to some psychological symptoms. We also see patients wishing to self-refer, and your consultant may ask for your permission for them to contact your GP to obtain your medical history.

When you arrive at the hospital, you’ll check-in at reception and wait in our reception area until you Clinical Psychologist invites you into a private consultation room.

The initial consultation will focus on discussions about your health and wellbeing, especially things that are not happening the way you need or want them to. You may be asked to complete psychological assessment measures to inform a broader understanding of your inner experiences and responses to these.

During the private one-to-one session, your consultant will ask you to talk about your recent experiences, how you’re feeling and thinking, and what’s currently not happening the way you need or want.

You’ll also discuss what things you may already have tried to deal with the mismatch between your desired state of life and how things are now.

You will leave the initial appointment having agreed collaboratively on what the right next steps are. For example, your consultant may ask you to pay attention to some of the things you both discussed, noting, and monitoring them for the next appointment.

Our Clinical Psychologists are keen for you to influence conversations on what you think should happen next, and they will discuss with you whether it’s in keeping with the discussion and evidence around it.

Your consultant will provide a written summary of what you’ve covered during the consultation.

Follow up appointments can be booked by a member of our reception team before you leave the hospital.

Our psychology service can put you on the road to recovery fast without waiting to go through a general mental health screening process with someone who may not have the breadth or depth of knowledge and skill in psychological science and how this informs evidence based care and therapy.

You may think you have tried everything from anti-depressants to therapy to get your wellbeing back on track. Rest assured, there are many different options and treatments our Clinical Psychologists have experience in, and which can help you.

Our Clinical Psychologists work independently and will often approach things differently from other mental health professionals, though work with other professionals in your care and providing them with advice on your psychological care needs can often be helpful too.

Our understanding Consultant Clinical Psychologists are trained comprehensively in mental health and wellbeing. They can provide a range of evidence-based therapies, follow-up appointments and supported self-management to help you change your state of mind and improve your wellbeing.


  • BMI Carrick Glen Hospital has a caring and attentive team who will make you feel safe and at home.

  • Your consultant has decades of experience assessing and managing psychological problems and will see you promptly, increasing your chances of a faster recovery.

  • Your consultant is an independently accredited expert, regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council.

  • Appointments can be remote by video or telephone, should you prefer not to come into the hospital.

  • Our emphasis is always on collaboration with patients.

  • Our psychology service is committed to helping you understand the most appropriate treatments, and you will have plenty of time in the clinic to talk about what’s troubling you and be clear about the next steps.

Specialists offering Psychology services

Professor Craig White

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

B.Sc. (Hons), ClinPsyD., PG Cert, PhD, MML

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