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Expert assessment and treatment of urological symptoms

It can be worrying when you find blood in your urine or experience other urological symptoms, so you’ll want to see the right medic for your condition straight away.

You can access speedy appointments, assessments, and treatments with a fellowship-trained Consultant Urologist at BMI Carrick Glen Hospital in Ayr.

Our hospital provides a calm, relaxing environment where polite and professional administration staff support our medical teams and make your visit as smooth and welcoming as possible.

If you’re referred to Carrick Glen Hospital by your GP, or if you self-refer, there’s no waiting times to see a consultant. We can arrange for you to see a urologist within seven days at a time to suit you.

The hospital specialises in minor procedures under local anaesthetic and serves those living in Ayrshire and further afield.

Urology is a niche medical speciality that deals with diseases of the kidneys, bladder, ureters (water pipes), urethra, genitalia, and the prostate in men.

A Consultant Urologist or Urological Surgeon is a highly skilled and well-trained expert who manages and treats issues to do with the urinary tract in men and women. The most common of these are recurring urinary tract infections (UTIs), raised prostate-specific antigens (PSA) in men, and blood detected in the urine.

Most diagnostic tests and treatments are minimally invasive, ranging from urinary tests and urine flow rate tests (uroflow), to fibre-optic inspection (flexible cystoscopy) of the urethra and bladder.

Urologists use flow rate tests to measure how much urine you’re passing and the rate at which it’s flowing.

A flexible cystoscopy is a painless procedure where the consultant inserts a tiny camera about the size of a charging cable up the urethra and looks around the bladder. They can use it to treat prostate, bladder, or scar tissue in the urethra. A flexible cystoscopy takes about five minutes and involves a local anaesthetic (you’re awake while it happens), and you can go straight home.

Your Consultant Urologist at BMI Carrick Glen Hospital has access to wide-ranging diagnostics to diagnose urological problems, including ultrasound scans to look at your kidneys or bladder, flow rate tests and x-ray.

They will deliver any procedure requiring general anaesthetic at our allied hospital, BMI Ross Hall Hospital in Glasgow. You may also be referred to Ross Hall Hospital if your urologist recommends a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan or a computerised tomography (CT) scan.

These imaging techniques produce detailed pictures that help urologists see your kidneys, bladder, and ureters more clearly and, in the case of MRI, to see if cancer has spread for those with prostate cancer.

Our Consultant Urologists are happy to see self-referring patients and those with a GP referral.

At your initial consultation, you’ll only need to wait for a couple of minutes in the waiting room before your urologist comes out to greet you and show you to their consulting room.

You can expect a detailed conversation about your symptoms and medical history, with plenty of opportunity to ask questions and discuss treatment options.

A physical examination is usual, and we can arrange for a chaperone to be present.

Some tests are available at the same time as your appointment. For example, to aid in diagnosing urinary problems, your consultant may ask you to take a sterile cup to the toilet and urinate into it so that they can check the urine for bacteria or blood (urinalyses).

Your Consultant Urologist can also organise a urine flow test on the same day.

Should your consultant advise an x-ray, this can be done by our radiologists at the hospital there and then. Our radiologists carry out ultrasound scans, these are typically done several times during the week, so you may have to come back another day for it.

Your consultant would schedule any MRI or CT scans at our sister hospital, BMI Ross Hall Hospital, in Glasgow. These take place within a couple of weeks. You would return to Carrick Glen Hospital for follow-up appointments with your consultant.

At BMI Carrick Glen Hospital, our Consultant Urologists routinely carry out flexible cystoscopy procedures to look for abnormalities. They will explain the process at your first consultation and organise your procedure for a week or two later.

Another regular treatment is medication for women with UTIs. Your urologist may start you on a low dose of preventative (prophylactic) antibiotics and move on to teach you how to do a bladder wash if the antibiotics don’t work. If neither do the trick, your treatment may include a game-changing medicine called a sublingual therapeutic vaccine.

A sublingual therapeutic vaccine tastes like pineapple and is sprayed under your tongue. It detects dead bacterial antigens fast and gets rid of the infection in most people. Moreover, it’s not injected – a bonus if you’re needle-phobic.

In addition to the above, we can offer:

  • Treatment for loss of bladder control (incontinence)
  • Removal of benign scrotal lumps
  • Removal of foreskin (circumcision)
  • Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) – to reduce the size of a large prostate
  • Transurethral resection of a bladder tumour (TURBT) – to remove a growth on the bladder
  • Male sterilisation (vasectomy)
  • Urethrotomy – to improve urine flow

Procedures that are carried out under local anaesthetic are performed at Carrick Glen Hospital. Those requiring a general anaesthetic take place at Ross Hall Hospital in Glasgow. The same consultant that you saw at Carrick Glen will do your surgery at Ross Hall Hospital.

One of the most significant changes in urology practice in recent times is that you no longer need to return to hospital to have a catheter removed (a tube inserted by a doctor or nurse to drain fluid from the bladder). Instead, we can give you a syringe and show you how to take it out yourself at home. Catheters are needed after most urological surgical procedures.

You’ll want a medical diagnosis and treatment plan fast when you have a urinary tract infection, are having trouble urinating or see blood in your urine. An appointment with one of our Consultant Urologists is available within a week and can be arranged at a time during the day or evening to suit you.

Everyone at BMI Carrick Glen Hospital will make you feel welcome, from the reception team, nurses, and radiologists to your consultant urologist.

You’ll benefit from rapid assessment and diagnostics at the hospital, including ultrasound scans and urine flow tests. Your consultant can also refer you to BMI Ross Hall Hospital in Glasgow for MRI and CT scans.

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