Private ENT Doctors

ENT services ENT problems can be complex and cause significant pain, discomfort or limitation of activity. At BMI Goring Hall Hospital we offer outpatient clinics with Consultant ENT Surgeons for diagnosis and treatment.

Should surgery be required, the hospital has 3 main theatres 2 of which have been installed with laminar flow (clean air filter system). The waiting times for surgery are minimal, so your treatment can start at your convenience.  

At BMI Goring Hall Hospital we have consultants with specialist expertise in the full range of ear, nose and throat conditions. This means that you will receive highly skilled treatment, no matter what your symptoms or concerns may be.

Common procedures:

  • FESS (sinus surgery)
  • Tonsillectomy
  • Myringotomy
  • Grommets
  • Nasal polypectomy
  • Thyroidectomy
  • Snoring clinic

Please note that you will need a GP referral letter to be able to use most of our services.

For further information or to arrange an appointment please contact 01903 707599  or make an online enquiry here.