cardiologyBMI Goring Hall Hospital has a dedicated cardiology service that provides a range of non-invasive diagnostic tests, carried out by consultant cardiologists and cardiac physiologists.

These tests can be carried out on and outpatient or inpatient basis and include:

  • 12 lead resting electrocardiogram  (ECG)
  • 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring
  • 24 hour ambulatory ECG monitoring

Direct referrals to the cardiology unit are accepted and all appropriate tests are reported by our consultant cardiologists.

Our consultants have access to procedures and diagnostics at other sites:

  • Coronary angiogram
  • Coronary angioplasty / stenting
  • Implantation of cardiac resynchronisation therapy devices
  • Implantation of pacemakers
  • Implantation of loop recorders

To find out more about our cardiology capabilities please call 01903 506 699 or make an online enquiry here.