The history of BMI Goring Hall Hospital

historic Goring Hall

Although the original house was nearly destroyed in a fire in August 1888, the story of Goring Hall has continued through until the 21st Century.

Built in 1840, the estate is said to have been purchased in 1834 by the Lyon family, who had returned from Jamaica in 1830. Having acquired a fortune in Jamaica, the Lyon family soon established the estate on the Sussex coast.

It is believed the family retained an interest in the estate until its final sale for housing development in 1936, approximately one hundred years after their arrival in West Sussex. 

By 1937, the Hall has begun a career as the premises of a private boarding school whose principal was the Reverend A G N Green, a graduate of the University of Cambridge. Reverend Green has been replaced in 1949 by a new principal, Bernard Cornish, but it was Frank O’Mahoney, owner and headmaster, who finally closed the school in 1988.

In the early 1990’s the house was purchased and re-developed as a private hospital and HRH Princess Margaret officially opened the Goring Hall Hospital on 26th October 1994.

Two outstanding features of the original layout survive and may still be enjoyed today. An avenue of ilex trees more than half a mile in total length, was laid out East-West across the North side of the grounds.

A further belt of trees, The Plantation, was laid out to connect the Hall to the sea via a walk through a dense wood.

Goring Hall and its outlying stable buildings are Grade II listed and situated in 5 acres of picturesque grounds on the outskirts of Worthing. 

As befits its status, the 52 bed hospital is equipped to the very highest standards. 

BMI Goring Hall Hospital through the years

overview of the grounds
Aerial view of the gardens

boarding school period
View from the air of Goring Hall when it was a boarding school

school fireplace
The hall and fireplaceof the boarding school in 1980s

conversion to hospital
A wider view of the site after its conversion to Goring Hall Hospital

the plantation
Avenue of ilex trees