68 year old Roy astounds doctors by cycling five days after knee replacement operation

A man who has had both arthritic knees replaced in innovative operations at BMI The Goring Hall Hospital, astounded doctors by being back on his bicycle just five days after the second operation.

Roy Parker

 Roy Parker, from Worthing, was elated to be able to get back on his bike so soon after his second knee replacement at the hospital and cycled four miles to his routine two-week check-up just had he had done after his first operation four weeks earlier. Most people attend the two week check up on crutches or using a walking stick and doctors were so impressed that they filmed him cycling around the hospital grounds.*

Before he had his knees replaced, Roy felt ‘cheated’ after just a couple of years of retirement from his job as a project manager for a national automatic door company, because the arthritis in his knees had become so bad he was forced to give up both  his beloved cycling and days spent hiking across the Sussex downs.

Roy, who lives with his wife Ruth, said “I found I was able to do less and less as my knees - and the pain - got worse. Whereas I’d previously been very active, hiking or cycling most days, I spent more and more time in the house unable to do much. It really started to get me down and I knew it wasn’t something I could put up with.“I decided enough was enough and earlier this year my GP referred me to consultant orthopaedic surgeon, James Lewis. Once he’d thoroughly examined me and we’d discussed my desire to get back to being active as soon as possible, Mr Lewis decided that the best course of action was to carry out successive knee replacements.”

Roy had both knees replaced by James Lewis within three weeks of each other at BMI The Goring Hall Hospital. He stunned hospital staff following the first operation in May this year, when he cycled from home to his routine two-week check-up appointment and revealed that he had been using his bike just nine days after going under the knife.

Three weeks later, after his second knee replacement and it was just five days before he got back on his bike. Medical staff were amazed to hear that Roy had – yet again – started his recovery from knee surgery so well, when most people are still on crutches or sticks two weeks after the operation

“I’m still recovering from surgery, so clearly there is still some pain, but already it’s less than the arthritic pain before the operations,” said Roy. “I don’t need to take anything stronger than paracetamol.”

Mr Lewis says Roy’s rapid recovery is down to the advanced techniques used in both surgeries at the hospital. BMI The Goring Hall Hospital is in the top ten of UK hospitals for number of joint replacement surgeries being done.

Mr Lewis said: “I carried out Roy’s replacements using a combination of innovations, which together created the optimal environment for the speedy and impressive recovery. One key decision was not using a tourniquet around the thigh muscle during the operation. 

“Often a cuff, similar to the one used when blood pressure measurements are taken, is pumped up to about twice the pressure used in the arm and left pumped up for 50 minutes to an hour around the thigh,” explained Mr Lewis. “This understandably can cause quite a lot of pain and compress the quadriceps muscle in the thigh, hindering recovery. Studies have also shown increased pain and swelling in the knee, and a slower recovery when a tourniquet is used.

“I also fit the knee components separately rather than trying to do it all in one, which helps me to ensure the fit is precise, and it‘s more gentle on the bone structure.”

Roy was also fitted with an Attune Knee System which is a recent advance in prosthetics from manufacturer Johnson and Johnson. In designing the knee, the manufacturers aim for better, early results for patients than traditional knee replacement systems.

“I am so pleased with my recovery so far,” said Roy. “I wasn’t prepared to settle for sitting in the house every day doing nothing and Mr Lewis at BMI The Goring Hall Hospital has helped me change my future, Last week. My wife and I went for a four mile walk a few days ago and yes, the leg I had my last op on was aching a bit afterwards, but I wasn’t the terrible pain I had been before the knee replacements. These new knees have given me back the life I love.”

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Date: 28th July 2017