Non-surgical weight loss in West Sussex

Winter weight gain

At BMI Goring Hall Hospital we are offering non-surgical weight loss otherwise known as the Elipse balloon procedure. The procedure involves placing a small balloon into the stomach without using sedation, anaesthetic, endoscopy or surgery of any kind. The procedure takes a few minutes in our outpatients department. The balloon lasts for 16 weeks and restricts the quantity of food intake during this time. This enables our patient to reach their weight loss goals without the commitment to long term diet change.

The deflated balloon is put into position using a catheter and an X-Ray and filled with 550ml of water. The capsule is easy to swallow but if patients have difficulty it is guided into place. Patients often experience minimal symptoms following the procedure and can return to full activity within a day or two depending on the Consultant’s recommendation.

After the 16weeks period is over the time activated release valve on the balloon opens and realises the fluid. The balloon then passes naturally through the digestive system and there is no need for a removal procedure.

During the 16 week period of time the patient’s body will have become use to smaller portions. The benefit of the dietary balloon is that there are no specific diets to follow depending on the Consultants recommendations.

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