At BMI Kings Park Hospital we offer a dedicated audiology service run by Consultant Audiologist, Mr David Willis. We believe early diagnosis is key and offer innovative treatments and discreet hearing aids to help you live life to the full.

A range of diagnostic hearing tests can be carried out to assess your audiological profile and include:

  • Full air and bone hearing test
  • Middle ear and eustachian tube function test
  • Acoustic reflex testing
  • Speech discrimination testing

We provide a full tinnitus service including assessment and management. Management may include tinnitus retraining therapy or the prescription of innovative hearing aids.

If hearing aids are required, we offer a range of the latest hearing instruments including custom made in-the-ear devices, those for single sided deafness or hearing loss and custom hearing protection for patients who have exposure to loud noises including competition and game shooting.

Most treatments are covered by insurance or they can be on a self-pay basis. Please check your cover details with your insurer directly prior to booking an appointment.