Breast Surgery

At BMI Kings Park Hospital our Breast Surgeons perform breast surgery for both benign and malignant (cancerous) disease. If you have breast related symptoms you may require investigations such as ultrasound, mammography, FNA (fine needle aspiration) or guided biopsy before your consultant is able to make a diagnosis.

Once a diagnosis has been confirmed your consultant may suggest possible procedures such as sentinel node biopsy, excision of breast lump (lumpectomy) or mastectomy (removal of the breast).

For those who have had a mastectomy, reconstructive surgery may be recommended. Having the breast partially or wholly rebuilt can improve body image and self-esteem, aiding the recovery process physically, emotionally and psychologically. Reconstructive procedures may include implants or the reduction of tissue.

Your specialist may further provide further advice on radiotherapy, hormonal and chemotherapy treatment if appropriate.