Health Assessments

BMI Kings Park Hospital Health assessments provide you with an excellent opportunity to understand your health. Our highly qualified team of GPs and health assessment nurses will review your health and offer practical advice on how you can make changes to help reduce your risk of developing common, but often preventable conditions such as: heart disease, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease.

Each assessment includes quality time with a specialist health assessment doctor or nurse to discuss your personal health concerns. After your health assessment you will receive advice based on your personalised consultation and results. This will include recommendations on the lifestyle changes you can make to improve your health and wellbeing. If needed, you will have quick access to further diagnostic tests and treatment, through our wider network of hospitals and specialists.

There are 4 levels of Health Assessment available for you to choose from to ensure it covers all medical concerns you may have:


The Essential Assessment focuses on your heart and wellbeing, and gives you a heart health risk assessment and lifestyle advice from a specially trained nurse. It’s an ideal choice if you’re generally healthy and would like advice from a healthcare professional about your diet, fitness and lifestyle to minimise your health risks for the future.

Length of assessment: Up to 1 hour with a nurse.


Our Select Assessment is designed to assess general health while focusing on areas of particular concern to each gender. The consultation will be tailored to your health concerns on the day. We will focus on gender specific issues, such as identifying early signs of female specific cancers in women and testicular cancer in men. You will spend up to 30 minutes with the doctor.

Length of assessment: Up to 1 hour including nurse and doctor consultations.


BMI’s most popular assessment is the Advanced. It covers health risks for both men and women, and the assessment will cover your heart, lungs, vision, hearing; you will be offered a full set of blood tests, in addition to dietary and lifestyle advice and much more. You will spend up to an hour with the doctor for a detailed examination and consultation.

Length of assessment: Up to 2 hours including nurse consultation and up to 1 hour with your doctor.

Advanced Plus

The Advanced Plus is our most comprehensive health assessment. You will benefit from all the tests and examinations detailed in the Advanced to give you complete peace of mind plus an in-depth examination of your cardiovascular system. This assessment includes an Exercise ECG to test your heart’s ability to cope with stress and exercise.

Length of assessment: Up to 3 hours including a cardiovascular exercise test and up to 1 hour with your doctor.

We also have a wide range of additional tests available. Please discuss these with your doctor at your assessment if you have a particular concern you would like to address. If any tests are not clinically appropriate for you, your doctor will advise you.

To find out more about Health Assessments at BMI Kings Park Hospital or to make an appointment please call 01786 451 669.