Neuro Spinal Surgery

Back pain is suffered by hundreds of thousands of people each year, with 4 out of 5 adults in the UK having suffered some form of back pain in their adult life. With the back being very complex it is important that everyone understands what their individual treatment options are.

At BMI Kings Park Hospital we offer a range of neuro spinal services to help patients suffering from back and neck pain, sciatica and diseases of the spine. We specialise in prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation and our multidisciplinary team includes Spinal Neurosurgeons, Radiographers, Physiotherapists, Pain Management Specialists and Specialist Nurses.

We are proud to work with highly qualified and well-established Consultants who are fellowship trained and have extensive experience in advanced surgical techniques relating to spinal pathology.


  1. Rapid access to an experienced Consultant of choice usually within 48 hours
  2. A first-class approach to care provision from initial consultation through to treatment and aftercare
  3. A coordinated multidisciplinary team with on-site access to a full range of diagnostic imaging facilities and Chartered Physiotherapists
  4. Specialism in traditional and minimally invasive spinal surgery
  5. Non-surgical treatment options including physiotherapy and pain management such as joint and epidural injections
  6. Treatments are covered by most insurance companies or can be on a self-pay basis, patients should check their cover details with their insurer directly
  7. Fixed price packages so patients don’t incur any hidden costs

To find out more or to book a consultation please call 01786 451669 or make an online enquiry here.