Motor loving Phil speeds his way to hip op recovery

Motor enthusiast Phil Murray has always enjoyed the ‘faster things’ in life. But his move from operating table to sports car was performed at a speed even he didn’t expect.

Just over a month after having a hip replacement, the 61-year-old Guilford garage owner and mechanic was back at the wheel of his Mazda X5, encouraging other sufferers to ‘get a move on’ and have the operation.

“I put the operation off for ages because I was worried I would have to take a lot of time off work. – if I had known how quickly I’d be back on my feet I’d have had done it ages ago,” he said.

Phil, who lives in Normandy, Guilford, and runs a garage in Wrecclesham, was back at work just 17 days after his operations at BMI Mount Alvernia Hospital, but his big challenge was getting back in his beloved sports car.

“It is quite low and I thought I might have trouble actually getting in, never mind driving it,” said Phil. “But my recovery was so quick I was back in and driving in comfort in less than five weeks. I could hardly believe it.”

But Phil’s recovery came as no surprise to the surgeon who carried out the operation Mr Seb Sturridge. He explained: “The same recovery is achievable by lots of patients but it seems we aren’t getting the message across well enough.

“People are putting up with the pain for far too long when a relatively straight-forward procedure like this one could really improve their quality of life.”

Mr Sturridge, who holds regular hip & knee clinics at BMI Mount Alvernia in Harvey Road, Guilford, has specialist training in young adult hip surgery and minimally invasive techniques.

He added: “Obviously I pride myself on my surgical technique but, to be perfectly honest, I use a standard uncemented implant and ceramic bearing which I believe give a more predictable outcome. Mr Murray was in good shape and had a very positive attitude and that’s what helped him to such a speedy recovery. He was out of hospital in just two days.

“He really is a good example to others. I hope people will see this and be convinced that a hip operation doesn’t mean an end to having an active life, in fact quite the opposite.”

But as Phil enjoys getting back to playing regular golf, as well as cycling and walking with wife Marilyn, he says there is another bonus to having a new hip.

“I can spend much more time playing with my two grand-children,” he said. “I struggled with pain for over two years and found I was gradually becoming less and less active. Now I can play with the grandkids for as long as I like… in fact I think it’s me that tires them out now!

Date: 21st May 2015